posted on January 29, 2008 at 2:46 am

listen away to church music
oh you clever devil
oh you still sprightly venerable player
your hands run over pianos guitars bass
your words range from the stupid to the stupendous
your old and ugly one minute
the next youre a bloomin’ youngster
no body no body knows you
none of them none of them
nobody knows me no no no
not even you
oh youve gone mad
killer yesterday you badger mr ricki my-me
jokerman jokerman sing to the nightingale tune
oh killer you such an olde joker ha ha ha
boy sometimes he not laughing tho
no one laughing killer
you go too far
can you help yourself?
i am serious when i should be laughing
i am laughing when i should be serious
i am not mad but i get the urge to rant and rave
i pretend to be a fan
(in a choked up aged prep boy east coast nasal style)
hey ah ricki ah you mind if i uh join ya here
uh been a big fan man
i got yer 1991 demos man and i uh saw ya play
in poughkeepsie to 5 people
and i uh i wont bother you now but could ah you…
A) let me jam with you guys tonite…ah come on dont be a ….
B) come talk to my wounded/dying/fucked up/imaginary nephew?
C) take me round all the guy hotspots in san fran
D) ask anton to dedicate a song to me and my wife
E) let me share that joint
F) fuck my girlfriend….we both love you guys
G)let me n my buddies in dressing room
H) give me some guitar parts or drums…no not picks or sticks though!!
I)lend me a hundred bucks for a sandwich
J) introduce me to the randy war-holes
K) produce me n my group for nothin’
L)tell joel im having his love childe
M)arrange for us guys to open for yas in london or new york
N) get me a few beers from the band room
O)check out my myspace videos dude…..NOW!
P) reveal personal and private things if i do but ask
Q) be more like the olde days when i liked you guys better
actually was gonna do all the alphabet
but ran outta steam n enthusiasm
ah thats too bad…..

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