posted on March 6, 2006 at 12:59 am

good morning you rascals
probly just a short one today
many rivers to cross
been listening to goats head soup
i actually a fan of this
and its only rocknroll
mid period stones
i used to be obsessed w/ the stones
once upon a time
i remember once in 1965
our teacher mr ferguson said
hands up who likes the beatles
almost every hand goes up
much gigglin’ and self congratulatin’
then olde fergo says
and who likes the rolling stones
my hand goes up
nobody else in class 5a in 1965 in canberra
liked olde rubber lips
they all groan and go yuck!
but olde crafty young sk is learning a lesson
hmmm theres some real power in this stuff i thinks
i immediately grokk more about rocknroll then
in that there instant
than most people understand in their entire life
i thought micknkeef, drugs, hedonism, danger
wow !!, jaggers film
i read every book i could on the stones
i saw performance
that was how i wanted to live my life
in a darkened huge terrace house
in a boheemian neighbourhood
psilocybin growin in the bark yardy
2 girlfriends
maybe a desperate crim in the basement
i s not so sure about that bit
but i was sure i could manage the rest
so yeah i had a big stones thing
you probably dont see it much in the hcrhcu
peter says i dont have a black bone in my body
he means i dont have much funk
or soul
or jive
well thats ok
i dont have much country and westin neither
and its better that way
i love the stones
a friend o mine was doing a doco
on the stones back in the 90s
he had a copy of cocksucker blues
the stones film
made on their notorious 72 tour of us
its all in there
all the salacious stuff you cant believe youre seein’
mick taylor aged about 19 walks into this hotel room
theres a roadie in there
plus a totally naked chick shooting up the gear
micks going wow
the chicks going wow its mick taylor
you wanna see how i shoot up?
keef chuckin tellies out windows
nodding off in groupies laps
mick j testin’ the different brands of cocaine
being proffered by an endless line of deelahs
acting like hes fucking princess anne or somethin’
or supervising someone elses headjob
in the cabin of the stones jet
its all there if ya wanna see it
trouble is, but
when the rs saw this film
they(understandably) tried to have it squashed
the judge agreed
but due to some tiny loophole
it is allowed to be shown
once a year
in some cinema in olde new york
i dunno when or witch
so do nae ask me
i only saw it accidentally
its probably out there now anyway
on ebay or somethin
this was not actually what my blog was gonna bee about today
son of a gun
there you go
i was gonna tell you about gio from sardinia
my film making friend
and his excellent knowledge of whats art
and what isnt.
he says more arty words in one sentence
than the average aussie male gonna say in a lifetime
how do these italians do it?
they are a good looking race
they know EVERYTHING about art, painting and opera
rocknroll is not necessarily their strong point
but at least better than the french
who dont have a clue
(but poetry they are the best)
the swedes have a decent go
(the best at english in europe)
the germans have had some great fucking bands
can, neu, amon duul, kraftwerk etc
but some absolute shockers too
nothing is worse than rocknroll all going wrong
with a germanic overtone
the dutch
the dutch are the coolest people in europe
no contest
i would live in amstadamn in a flash
hey p k is half dutch
ploogy was totally dutch
the dutch have had some moments
norway gave us black or death metal
oh, thanks guys..
denmark gave us hans christian anderson
finland musta given something to someone
you know its a tie between the us and uk
for no 1 rocknroll nation
the states started it
but england had the fuckin beatle boys baybee
i cannot decide between em
not even counting the millions of
amazing bands both those countries have thrown up
(and both also having the very worst)
australia has to go equal third with canada
they had neil young
australia had the hcurhc
both too precious to even begin to
there you go
sorry if you lived in one of the less highly rated r n r
you probably export a lot of mohair
see ya later
you turkeys and geese

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