posted on April 22, 2012 at 4:25 pm

a garden enclosed by tiny rivulets

an archetype as we all are

tragic burdened hero crashes on isle of whispers

wise proud ageing impulsive

determined to listen to those screaming sirens

lying with sorceresses  in nymphaea

wandering the hostile shores of basalt islands

taking birth again and again in some ionian loop

sunblasted and subtly broken

a female goddess i imagine somehow protects me

i am found by the winkled pool gazing out to sea

i am found washed up in illyria and in xanadu

i am found in the bed of sea grass matting

where heavenly hands mend my seething scars

the images of dead companions adorn dreams

they call out to me


the shades of great men

ghosts of trojans and women

achilles among dead healers

all fading fading

their minds already gone

at dawn i awake

light and sleep have no truck on the living island

flowers to be adored

my little familiar spirit the child face accompanies me

she evaporates with the morning mist as sun comes down

crabs scurry in the sea spray

the sky has become cerulean blue at midday

i forget myself sometimes

dazzled in phoebus’ rays ‘pon cracked rock

searching in the brine for an unknown thing

at night nepenthe freely swilled

we celebrate the full moon with masque and gamble

we sacrifice kids on wisdoms altar …athene so stern and unwavering

her brown eyes glare at me in visions that burn my eye

you must be a fool

the african slave drove artemis’ impala over the cliff

i hold a torch to another city but i bring heat not light

i have nothing else to compare my life to

only the seven mile  beach

only the seven year night

only the seven heavens above or below

zeus the thunderer the jealous god the playboy bastard

not even he is free from crushing anxiety

his codependency on his fretful grievous wife

he is in chains he is checked and contained

but still finding time appearing in disguise…

ah he cares nothing for me

i dont even know how free i want to be

but who will save me save me from myself

where does it go wrong so long into a song?




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