posted on October 28, 2008 at 9:26 pm

yeah my fingers a blur of action
words fill me head
gotta get it right…aw what does matter.?
i am the true po-it
i go beyond reality n hyper reality n sub reality
i penetrate things to their very core
i come out the otherside n i’m laughing
i am the sayer not the doer
sayer of the lore
two legs good
two heads better
i am primitively suave
i am elegantly awkward
i am older than you’ll ever get to be
but look in my eyes
they are one day old
do i worry bout dying
yes i do
i picture my ascension up the ladder to heaven
just like the pandava i find it filled with unworthy brutes
because nothing is as simple as all that
the cosmos is beyond our comprehension
most humans are sluggish and stupid
witness their proclivities
see them wolf down their meat
see them goggle the idiot box
see them stumble down the highway in their boots of steel
what were they thinking…?
they never ask
they never wonder
they never buy one million tickets to see me
did you know that ac/dc have sold one bazillion records this week
saving the record biznesses neck?
the most brutal unoriginal common and lets face it stupid rock there is
music for old men to sing to young boys about nudge nudge wink phoah!
and double entendres intended to be risque
but sadly just vulgar
the miscreant in the ‘at
or the old fool dressed up as the schoolboy
and why do they share their tired old malarkey
with rooms full of guys
young enough to be their grandkids
who are lapping this
sad tripe up
oh despair!
oh triumph of the philistines!
oh big mac n big brother n ac/dc
the diet of bilge
george bush n robbie williams n guy n nicole ritchie
what a puerile contemptible obvious world of men
indeed the age of the imbecile
the planet of the dumb people
the stodgy puddingish blechh of the hoi polloi
the all ordinaries indeed
the pits

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