posted on July 5, 2006 at 2:02 am

my mother, joycie is reading my blogg again
shes reconciled to one or 2 f$#*&s
but not too many
or she’ll pull the plug
this blogg is swearing free for you
because buddha says
if you had to carry both your parents on your back
for the rest of your life
you could never repay them everything you owe

buddhas brother ray said
thats ok for buddha
he left home and became a prophet
and i was left at home
with mum n dad
to look after on my own

lotta nice comments pouring in from all over the globe
its as hard to take a compliment as an insult
dont think ive gone soft fiendss
dont think ive gone all sentimental on ya
not mee, boy..
thats for sure
lotta people write in n say
deer sk
tell us about songwriting
yes my friends
a very interesting subject
what is a song?
how do ya write em?
why do ya write em?
where n when do ya write em?
for whom are they written?
ok fiendss
this is a big topic
songs are spells
songs make you feel happy n sad at once
songs are magic, arent they
some of em are
they should be
if they arent yer wasting everybodies time
you dont often write a magic song straight up
ist time round
(but you might…thats the magic)
some people just got the gift
you cant compete with that
you can try n cultivate the gift
thats what i did
i didnt exactly have it
i approached it intellectually
i figured out how it was being done
and i learnt how to do it
years later a bit of the “gift”
was uncovered
my ego had been keeping it under wraps
cos it knew that i wouldnt need it
if i could get at the “gift”
anyway now i run on a mixture of the gift n ego/intellect
a lil bit of soul i guess
i dont really have the “rhythm”
europe = melody, harmony
india = drone, improvisation
africa=rhythm, blues
i like doing that thing with the asterisks
you just hold down the * for as long as you like

either you got it or you dont
you know in yer heart of hearts if you do
no one else can tell ya that you do or dont
songwriting is quite easy when you know how
but seemingly impenetratable from the outside
i used to sit there when i was sixteen
with my guitar or bass
trying to summon up a song that refused to appear
theres 3 hundred songs of mine youve never heard
theyre all pretty rotten by my standards
but some of you may like em
i dont ever wanna hear em again thats for sure
its an unteachable thing really, in a way
songwriting, i mean…
i mean
i cant really explain the processes
words fly into yer head
music comes out of the fingers
i gotta computer in my head
running scans on the song thats being written
checking for a number of criteria…..

the blogger system is unstable baybee
im gonna post this little nugget incomplete as it is
oh and if youre a completist
try to get’ going down swinging’ book n cd
wherein on cd i perform the glazier
a poem
you might like to hear
just came out i guess
lotsa love

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