posted on February 26, 2008 at 12:53 am

some mofo is now stealing money outta my bank accnt
in fact he got my last fifty bucks
thats right
i said to wife
at least we have fifty seven bucks in accnt
2 hours later
no she says
we have 7 bucks
ah clever criminals
now gotta wait 21 days to get my fifty back
hopefully by then will not need it so much
somedays ya get up…
fuckin’ conflict
everybody everywhere wants a piece of ya
fair enough
if you caused it yerself
but im wading through everyone elses problems
i wish i was a monk tending a garden
a vow of silence
i am like a parent waiting for my paintings
so i cant face the fact they are truly gone
today i will try to confront the slacker who blew it with the tube
up at fed ex
whats the best outcome i can hope for…?
an apology?
who cares
everyone offloads the guilt elsewhere
thats how its done
ah you dont need this today
lets try again tomorrow

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