posted on December 15, 2006 at 8:08 pm

g’morning fiendss
its 7.21 here chez kil
the olde zeitbeing is up early blogging away
faining to win the hearts of his patrons
yessaday a big day
an unseasonal cold wet spell has hit syddley
(global warming!?)
well i guess its more christmassy than blazing blue skies
elli n minna however are a little dismayed
theyd hoped for suntans n balmy days
but ended up with pouring rain and restless doodles
talking of doodles
me nk n b bumper drove out to toyz r uss in the horrible big place
as soon as olde sk walks in
just like superman being exposed to green kryptonite
the fluoro lites n the rows of soul-less toys starts doin’ me head in
i start off with nausea and that slides downwards to a dull panic
is this my fault?
or have i just cultivated this bullshit to appear “above it all”?
you know
i do want to be above it all
dont you?
i just feel like all the time i spend on that kinda thing
in that kinda place hurts me..
although i dont resent or begrudge having been there
its just that…
i cant explain..
anyway nk is quite the opposite here
she runs round looking at things
eventually she asks if the bumper cant have her own “stuffed animal”
(an unfortunate saying…?)
shes already picked out this little bulldoggy one
and the bumpers arms go out n shes starts twitchin’ n moanin’
like shes a zombie under a hex…
when shes gets the little bulldog in her arms
shes like a drowning man clutching at straws
a desperate cuddle like shes just found her little lost pup
eve n aurora getta loada stuff
i guess theyre gonna love it
but i guess im no longer a “toy” boy
meanwhile in the elli n minna show
things are par for the course
i blow it when i find out elli n minna are going to a party
all my eloquence
all my knowledge of language
disappears when i argue with either set of twins
and then they
just as i did
when i wassa precocious little smart-arse wally
they correct little details in what i say
i call the twillies doodles
and i call the doodles twillies
often in the heat of the moment
twillies stop strangling the bumper!!!
er actually dad…we’re the doodles….
in the car in a bizzy street
quickly doodles i cant stop here
where do you wanna be dropped off???!!!!
daddy you called us the doodles no daddy…..
(and thatd be in stereo in unison, folks)
anyhow the twillies are invited to a party
they immediately go on full defensive manoevres
when i try to “interrogate” elli
while minna joins in with angry jeers n outraged laughter
then their mother rings up
elli talks to her for a while n hangs up
what did she say about the party i ask
elli says its cool if you think so
well well well
the phone rings a minute later
seems that mama back in the olde country
reckons elli just hung up on her
and that it definitely aint that cool with her
elli keeps saying whatever to everyone
and i must say in the mouth of a petulant teenager
that it makes me feel like the major from fawlty towers
confronting the sheer immovable obstinancy of youth
i bluster about saying stuff that makes the twillies writhe
n exclaiming in swedish
sydneys a bit harder faster n nastier than stockholm i say
men herre gud minna splutters or “whatever” it was minna
if you read this blogge
i dont remember ALL the tiny details
the way you 2 apparently do
but i cannot complain
because i was exactly the same at this age
especially with my dad
when wed have arguments
my nonchalance over his “old-fashioned” ideals
my laziness n ingratitude etc
would infuriate him…
i never stopped loving the old boy for a moment
but i was amazed at my ability to get this normally placid guy
absolutely tongue tied n ready to murder me
well the twillies are a double blast of youthful euro insouciance
they can handle sydney and theyre horrified
when i say im gonna pick em up
no daddy! no o o o o oh!
well we all get a chance to play every role
it really doesnt seem that long ago
that i was the antagonist
and i was the rebel without a clause
so anyway
thats enuff of that stuff
fambleys can be ruff
lassa nite more rehearsals for the show
we spend lotsa time talking bout the characters
and i find it very helpful
for the 1 st time we run thru the first bit
off the book
no scripts
its a bit like having yer first swim without the floatie
nothing holding you up anymore
i dont do as bad as i thought i might
maybe not as good as i wanted either tho
but its starting to happen
like the choreography of a zebra n a lion
peter n jerry must seamlessly intertwine
we rehearse hard and we back up n down the play
fine tuning n even finer tuning
words n gestures must unravel fluidly fluently
it must seem like its happening
you gotta lock in like a musical duo
it aint about me
im a supporting character
and im glad too
im too olde to play jerry
and i could never remember the page after page
of the jerry n the dog speech
i get a new respect for actors
musicians can drift a little in their heads
actors gotta stay focussed baybee 100 %
you cant slip outta character for even a second
or yer illusion is shattered by a moments loss of concentration
so its quite tiring to run over scenes
again n again
cos you gotta keep giving it all you got
or you dont know what you got at all
the director thinks its going very well
and thats inspiring…right?
today is another overcast day
its so cold i got my socks n boots on
in the middle of australian summer
i believe that some sweet blessed rain fell
where it was needed
and we can only be thankful for that
the twillies are now up n haranguing me
as i write
anticipating todays blogs criticism
elis going whatever whatever whatever again
in my day id say to my dad
dont chuck a william about it
and my dad’d do just that
n chuck a fuckin’ william
whatever that means
thats it!

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