posted on December 16, 2006 at 9:32 pm

cascading shards of diamonds
living diamonds
the earth yields
sub-atomic bits n pieces
everything belongs to her
a process of subtraction
from the marble a noble face emerges
quick the clarion call beckons to us
bird-phantoms shriek in the ether
the raw of great jets
and their vapours devouring the sky
bang as we crash into the thin air
somewhere in peaceful fields
i wrest control from the darkening elliptic
you see i quote imaginary poets
i sing songs written in a spiritworld
everytime i take no for an answer
everytime i swim in the rain
the hypodermic rain
needling the waters-skin
examining the nets…are they strong enough?
can natalie hold her picture together with one finger?
im sad now the musics broken
what light can be shed by a simple guarantee?
how many guineas for a pig?
and the naturals live naturally in a natural paradise
and the elementals have shared their hiding places
and the trees used to whisper
before virginia
send those ships back stranger
many after you coming
no turning them
we who thought we were heroes
were the fools n villains
but not me not me not me
they all cry
so i run down to the sea again n again
drowning all those voices in waters arms
wash my cares away in marine warmth
bubbles n soft tiny jellyfish
the tiny particles n pebbles n bits of glass
dancing as the wave lifts them
underwater great rocks grind n move
sea salt weeds flounder current snagged
private avenues leading to plush vestibules
antechambers adorned with fresh red flowers
bacchus grapes columns domino lakeview
naked as the night now
intertwined like vines
we ripple thru purple darkness
i imagine it again
and once more
for safety

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