posted on March 12, 2006 at 6:44 am

its sunday arvo
i look around
i am sitting at a table
at a computer
next to me a young asian woman
hammers the keys like a virtuoso
ahead of me
an italian looking family drink coffee
and discuss the stuff
italian looking families discuss
in places like this
outside the huge windows at the side
a blue indoor swimming pool stretches away
the ripples running up and down it
outside that
a rooftop deck
wooden floor white umbrellas
folks guzzlin’ cocktails
tanned and fit looking upwardly mobile
30 something wasp metrosexual yuppie elite scum
waita doggone mexican minute
this aint even sydney
i go check out the skyline
city and river
that should give ya a clue
why am i here
bound to silence
sworn to secrecy
what does this mean
i retire to green patch
adjacent hotel
i smoke a half a family size spliff
i smuggled my own p and p mix
selected for moistness
and passport to smoking pleasure
i come back to computer

this next bit is to everyone
in and out of my life
i know you know i know
whats going on
yeah its a little game
you do know why im here
i know why im here
i am bound and constrained
to leave you in the dark
big deal my druids and priestesses
you think i’s gonna be impressed
with this load of olde malarkey
yeah yeah
as wide eyed and naive as i am
in most things,
this carry on leaves me
i’d rather be home painting music
its full of fucking “straights”
petit bore jwah
upperclass toffs
old guys wandering around in bathrobes
just my scene
we begin nicenearly
doing whatever it is
frankly i have no idea
itll be a load of old bollocks fer sure
i’ll keep my eyes peeled
for an exciting behind the scenes
look at the “straight” whirld
like lifting up a big rock in a garden
you can see all kinds of strange creatures
scurrying round in their natural habby tat
well im seeing it
its as dull as i always thought
its ….
aw shucks
you know what it is
and the room aint nuthin special either
its stuffed full of stuff
they want ya to use
then charge ya triple the price
the room has a cold empty feeling
i loathe it
i walked in and i was instantly lonely
who designed this room
ive been in bus shelters that had
more fucking coziness
this feng shui nitemare
in white and chrome
i overlook a bleak vista
its 35 degrees here
but my room feels like a mausoleum
cold sterile dustless air
window permanently shut
who likes fresh air anyway
i wanna be cooped up in this cell
a complete hospitality failure
i bet the pool water is tepid
and full of wee wee
i aint fuckein’ swimmin in there
after my sea pool at home
so ya see
luxury is a luxury
i can ill afford
but im gonna do my yoga tonite
in that adjacent gardeny block
one blade of grass means more
(to me)
than this entire establishment
and its ritual and ceremony
madonna comes on the pa
completing the entire picture of phoniness
cmon now sk
get off this subject

i dont think i can

more reports soon
i promise

keep ya mouth shut
you know i love ya!!
in disguise

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