posted on September 1, 2010 at 10:23 pm

* photon

music is sweet stuff squeezed from a tuba

yeah i am the time being

and i been fiddling round with music a while now

40 years on my 56th birthday


16 when i got my bass guitar

go on (numbskull) subtract 16 from 56 and  you get 40 ……

40 years of mucking around with music

wo wo wo

still its an amazing thing to me

@ on a night like this

those crotchets those quavers

those piano forte

drum fills

cymbal rides

rim shot

dark hit

hand clap

cast a net

round a bout

electric guitar  bleeds for your sins

morning orchestra stabbing ruthless

dream pop park festival

organ with black keys

augmenting a seven

blown speaker apart

stone gone haze

god out of machine

the fruit machine

the bass push on some inside

outside the flutes play mournfully

a little strange quartet of woods

make out the words

an old sample of something else

not quite perfectly in time

hear it rip back

the join not seemless

thunder is if not music

it is music unforeseen

it is that white piano in mozarts hearts red chambers

yeah some whack bam boom

some trill

some distinct thrill

something rolling down a’hill

music is it a constant?

music has it enough restraint?

music is transparant trans-parent  transience apparently

jim morrison oh yeah but how did he go…..?

my fingers survive

bass blister treble callus

give that disc a spin

it was that deep sax all along

let me down slow i know the way from here

its evening outside n suddenly im tired

you know what you do when you do what you do

i wish it would stop

i wish it would too

music  pounding without sounding

music snarling starlings melancholy  song

music tangled in its own angles too blind to see

music in quatrains and in aeroplanes

music in passing notes each less n less

music overtaken by the wind

music flung out from a window in a tower high above

music burn or bury alive

music untrampled yet all rumpled

music month september on ttb

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