posted on October 14, 2007 at 1:24 am

the finely tuned mechanisms revolve into the night
the spokes and flywheels
the teeth and cogs
the clockworked facets jump every second
the tappets ping slightly
the needles move indicating pressures
gauges light up on panels
levers move
gears mesh
power harnessed
the fuel burns deep in the motor
an enclosed furnace inside each six hearts
curved surface reduced for friction
heat sensing eyes
arrowhead sourced with motionless ride
resilient frame fortified with gold studs
elusive tangential manoeuvre
protective second skin
galaxy approved armour pierce
pre sanctions silk filters
individual wing spun aerilong type
propulsion device sk ttb 13
optional oscillation pedal
the left behind scream of acceleration
minimum time wobble
maximum distance crunch
ether connexions available
caution contains small sparks
do not drowse whilst operating
do not use in firestorm or tornado
not suitable for insane persons
please dispose of thoughtfully
do not dry clean
enter 15 digit future pin
if you answered yes to any question go to next week
made from chocolate titanium human-alkaloids prohibited colors 13, 69, 53
mannikin-bits, powdered coca leaves, poppy juice extract, cannibal-oid saliva
codeine lumps, starboard buckets, adamantine skellington, tolteca memory strips
damiana drops, lukey muffler, head machines from pure recycled metalflesh
sharktooth guidance, aroma light, stingray connectors
indica bomb technology provided by the penta gone @
executive producer karl marx
executive producers r.plantagenet and samson and goliath
produced by the ttb on location nth bondi astralia
executive producer jack a lantin
executive producer gal a vantin
spatial co ordination mem
directed by nevets yeblik for the muse corp pty ltd inc
no contestants may win
the ttbs decision is final
no correspondence will be entered into
one comment per person PLEASE !!!
yes this definitely means you
please leave this facility as you found it
security by thug bros
this has been a ree presentation

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