posted on December 26, 2007 at 2:44 am

north bondi
the family sways like a caravan
laden with towels and snorkels and buckets and hats
the white aromatic flowers
the honeysuckle
roses red and cream
purple berries
the variation in the leaves
the zephyrs amongst the foliage
the quiet of boxing day
the suburbs by the sea dream deep and green
the houses and their lovely gardens
only a few cars on the roads
the weather is perfect
25 degrees
a cobalt blue sky with unusual clouds
a thousand types of trees
red brick houses
mod apts with all cons 3 bed 2 bath
flats old and white
we arrive at beach
the water is full of tiny beautiful weeds suspended
the water is cool and refreshing
it is clean and energizing
i bodysurf the gentle hills of water and weeds
the sun illuminates the glassy bulbs and stems
gold glints in the sand underwater
the people are all happy
tourists from all over the world
big ones
sunburnt ones
beautiful men
hideous women
beautiful women
hideous men
fat kids
skinny old blokes
italian executives with their families
bondi locals with ferocious tans
rubbersuited surfers with cottonwool blond hair
the japanese surfers hair goes orange
young lovers
gays with adonis physiques
indians and africans
swedes and danes and all the rest
all on bondi getting slowly irradiated
under our ozone-depleted sky
yeah gonna be some sore customers tonite-y
scarlet in pink bodysuit with zip
the water makes her scream with delight
to her it is a permanent wonder
a man sells sno-cones in twenty supa-arty-fishal flay-voors
the kids indulge and hit hyperactivity in zero to a hundred in five secs
yeah yeah i know its bad for em
but i had that gloop as a kid and theres nothing wronga with me
as you can all tell by my omnipotence
anyhow the seaside was all you might hope
in this festering festive season
nice vibes
a great assortment of people to goggle at
some excruciating g-string things happning tho
no bloke can wear em
they look terrible on any man be he straight or otherwise
jesus they look bad on everyone really
whats the point?
why not just have a bare bum?
strangely enough
as the cheeks come out
the bosoms are disappearing
bondi in 80s was breast feeders pair o’ dice
i mean swing low sweet chariot and busty substances
funny how the sun and sea de-eroticizes it all tho
its hard to believe for some of my male friends in the u.s.
where bare breasts on beach
is of terrorist threat-like proportions
now that is seriously fucked up
why are a pair of boozies a dangerous thing?
beats me
i thought they were for feeding our children with…?
but im a hippy i guess
anyway i never feel good about seeing some euro pale bint
frying her bluetits in the sun
so im quite happy if they all stay inside
at least in max radiation hours 10am to 4pm
i think its lovely that everyone can swim down there tho
and no one gets laughed at or would feel embarrassed
tho i saw a woman today
a very big woman from england
with a tiny little husband or boyfriend
egging her on
as they frolicked together in the surf
lewdly feeling each other up and snorting
her bikini at least five sizes too small in some places
and five sizes too big in others
this massive woman had no backside to speak of
it was a flat plane
and her cozzie hung off revealing all
from which i couldnt drag my eyes
like watching a house burn down
or an accident scene
it seems half the beach was witnessing these shenanigans
but they performed their courtship rituals oblivious
to the curious humans on the shore
as this giantess left the ocean
her tragedy of a bathing suit hanging this way and that
her tiny white puny man followed behind
and in his eyes
i saw
the gaze of a man in love
and people
their love
made me
feel so
yes it did!

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