posted on February 8, 2007 at 7:28 pm

gee whiz
theres some nice people on here
theres some real idjits as well
i guess it takes all types
do you really have to write the things you write
you nassty types…?
yeah you know who im talking to…
do i have to explain myself….
i would,
but i am reluctant to insult the intelligence
of MOST of my readers
our thing is based on mutual respect…
i present you with the workings of my mind…
im giving you honesty (honestly, i am)
you want some shrink wrapped version that my publicist
has gone thru n eliminated anything that
“might send the wrong message” ?
i cant believe that you take stuff so literally
and uh
that brings me on to 6 friends of mine as yet unintroduced
you met one of yessaday
im talking bout
you think ive got envy badde, my flock?
oh you should see those others in action
who among us is not smitten?
oh those liars there…
of course i guess theres people with no anger or lust…
i dont really know em tho…
we are human
the greater the sinner the greater the saint
yes i am a bad man
yes i am a good man
let it all go…..
anger is a bastard
im an angry bastard too
i can be placid for hours n i then i explode
or im a niggling whinging wally
sowing discontent n anger in little seeds
im angry about everything sometimes
the baby crying
the dogs barking
the buses groaning
the downstairs mob:
a sample conversation overheard lastnite
the scene: under sks balc where hes doing some yoga
2 young men with strong aussie accents
” how come when you rolled about 8 doubles inna row
i never cracked a shit?”
“bullfuckingshit, i just fuckin’ rolled 2 double 8s and you said
that i was a fuckincheater”
“yeah cos you was fuckin’ cheatin'”
“fuck this then”
“no mate its my fuckin turn”
“no fuckin way”
other things that produce anger are
(gee im on a roll here)
and then theres
duh..injustice, bush, war etc etc
of course theres righteous anger
and theres selfish horrible anger
and anger is not an energy
it uses up your energy
and in the state of anger
we are distancing our self from god
and therin lies the sinful part
and that deserves some examination too
what is a sin
some rules n regulations some daft olde testyment god invented
just because He said so…?
or is sin
the absence of god
an act that actually excludes god from your heart
yep anger will do that
when olde sk is eavesdropping on downstairs conversation
and getting all angry about it
you can bet that god was the furthest thing from my mind
could i hear god whispering
“so what? leave them be “
or was i off on my own puffed up self-righteous anger trip?
and boy lust
well lust and god aint gonna sit too well in yer heart together
i aint even gonna discuss that
but you know its true
now someone wrote the other day
that i dont have any eating disorders
are you fucking kidding me?
my chocky piggery is legendary…
i am an infamous chocolate glutton
ok i dont stuff my face all day with doughnuts
or worse still i dont lust after meat….a double sin i guess
people who pig out on pig…man you can see it
all you wasted flesheating useless blobs
olde sk can kick yer fuckin butt n im probably 15 years older than ya
not cos im superman baby but because im vegetarian
you know its the truth
find some wineswilling pork-swallowing executive
and give him a heavy fender bass
and tell him to pluck it rapidly
run around doing stupid poses
bawl his voice out nonstop remembering all da words
for 2 hours
in the 43 degree heat
in the fuckin freezing cold
under hotlights that frying your brainbox
no no no
you gotta be a vegetarian if you wanna do that stuff at 52 (but who would?)
gluttony is one of the physically most repulsive sins
and often goes hand in hand with sloth
no sloth n i dont have much fuckin’ truck together actually
i dont dig sloth much at all
(tho i love sloths)
but if youd seen me during the “gear” days
i was often snoozing on a couch in a studio somewhere
while the session fell apart around me
this was drug induced sloth
i guess gluttony induces sloth
n here we see that many of the sins are interconnected
you cant eradicate one without the other
if you eat do-nuts or lard chips dipped in liverpate
and sit there all day watching the telly
and then ya look in the mirror
and ya think
theres no way outta this…there is!
dont eat the meat
and exercise!
look those next five years are gonna pass
whether youre lying beached on a sofa
or whether youre doing yer laps or jogging yer ass
so why not finish up trim n healthy
and yes
a gluttonous pig eating quail meat n veal horror
aint gonna be thinkin of god
as he lays on his sofa trying to digest the muck
in his guts
and snoring and …..
well you get the picture
people we need to move
people we need to eat sweet clean things
and oh boy
the next deadly sin is a doozy
the lust for money
have you ever seen a loada money
like the takings from a big gig
hundreds n thousands of euros or bucks
i did a gig once
and i got paid in cash
and i had thousands of bucks in this pillowcase
and it made me feel….funny
cmon we all gotta bitta avarice baybee
you know how badly the t. being wants to escape
the self inflicted poverty he finds himself in
i mean i dont want much
just a cupple of mill
thatll do
just a nice house n a pool
n some other stuff
a studio
a flat in sweden again maybe
somewhere in the states too for nk
yes give me that money
and christ i look at the tossers with the dough
and i judge myself better in every way
so fuck it all where is the money i deserve
i mean
theres millions of them
and only one me….
and is god in my heart when i think about all that money….
and ya know when i think of all the ways
in which i am better than those rich swine
i encounter a terrible sk deadly sin
which is vanity
oh my oh my oh my
a vain man
a vain olde man which is even worse
a) not so much to be vain about anymore
b) its disappointing that you aint learnt yet
sk you vain old posturing pretentious wanker
you big headed olde genius
you stupid narcissistic turkey
you are so fucking full of yourself olde son
what gives?
muse: he’ll say his insecurity but he really is just plain vain!
well i got a lot to be vain about…(cringe)
i mean….
gee i m a good blogger
and i sell my “colourful” paintings to somebody
and i only started painting last week
actually its not painting
its these chalky things called pastels
and i rub it in with my fingers
and a street artist said
oooh you shouldnt get em into yer skin or youll die
and now im worried
cos i dont wanna die
now that im looking so damn good again
with my golden yet freckly suntan
and my thinning but not grey hair
and my bulging calves n triceps that need more work
with my american earthmother considerably (ha!) younger wife
(oh no that brings me back to lust….)
and my perfect daughters
if you dont count the syringomyelia n asthma
and i dont know if i like being me
or i hate being me
but we all agree on my vanity
i hear no one protesting
so you see heres my rating for each of the sins
as far as i am infected with them
envy ****
avarice*** n a half
vanity *****
i would like each commenter to be as honest as i am
and post a comment rating themselves thusly
can you do it?
we’re all waiting
oh and heres todays mention
of rikki n the bjm

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