posted on August 27, 2010 at 10:00 pm

indian rope trick

we crash outta boredom, pop 2,000

its deliberately left ambiguous so you get the most outta it

we crash outta something

we come falling down from somewhere

me n my friend

we come blazing outta nowhere

we arrive suddenly lets put it

burning up on entry like a meteor……. right?

unharmed though unhinged

with our souls slightly singed

singled out as twins

falling headfirst out of seventeenth heaven

we recline in a splendid cooling pool of rosewater

attended by lotuses which we dreamily eat

and little lovely fish with human eyes

oh strange

and green grow the rushes oh

invisible to tiger or wolf

in our languid pool

in our bluest of pools

in the softest water and light

none of this can ever happen perhaps

look i place an amazing moon here in your sky

look i decorate the forest with garlands of orchids n succulents

look i roam this path every twilight consorting with the grape

great birds fly overhead

everything turns golden in the dark

the enticing inviting dark

here take my arm

we saunter across the lunar streaked fields

my house is by the lake

drenched in wild spray and evening ray

come eat this sweet milky rice and drink cold water

my house is a shabby shack

a shrine to shiva : frankincense sandalwood rose

exquisite little statue of lord ganesh given by pan

a book a table a vase with white flowers

bear floor boards

we sprawl around through the tropical tranquil hours

laughing and eating fruit from ceylon

i never understand do i?

still the good times roll outta the horn of plenty

elemental servants wait on us hand and foot

you feel glamourous in the dark

just laying there on your mystic rug

we hear our voices muted in the hindu hush

we see our shadows making thin love

oh and the forest

decked out in its finest things

rushing towards us year in year out

approaching like a violent storm

the swans the parrots the snakes and the fronds

how we laugh in the dark

how we cruise through the endless night

how we swing on the stars

how we sleep like were dead

and how we laugh in the dark

i make you laugh you say stop it

what are we laughing for you laugh

ha ha ha i dont always see the joke

its funny nonetheless

wow its dreamy in my shabby shack by the lake

i’m ripped apart by life and someone else steps out

hey i know what i meant to mention…..the ferns

oh such a pleasant life

the fans spin round aimlessly in the sealing

the lianas too

wrapped around my trunks

money to burn and fire to spend

luxurious evening for lease / move in straight away

features cooing nightingales and swaying palms

krsna plays his flute somewhere in that jungle

in the sweet night sweet and black and full of hot sweetness

the blood beats in your head

the pound of your arteries all vain

india india india india

we’re really here

you say

we’re really almost here

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