posted on July 24, 2007 at 6:51 am

sitting here looking at the classic single collection
justa got my copy
david fricke has written some very very kind liner notes
theres some pictures of us
you may never have seen
ha nick ward even gets his mug on here
in his stripey blazer with rolled up sleeves
me im skinny and angular as they used to say
i got short dark hair n a stupid pout
then ploogy arrives all eighteen years of age
a teenage genius of the drum kit
an incredible character
us playing on a tv show 1982
i still had my ibanez fretless bass
making starfish
im actually smiling
peter looking relaxed
ploogy laying down a beat
on what was sadly to be his last real record with us
then live at the roxy
gee am i having a bad hair day or what
pete n marty look glamourous
with jd in ny 1992
a strange pic
then london polka dot shirt
short hair clean shaven
then portland 2004
the era of the modern being
ah we dont look too bad there
back cover
an early balmain shot at richards old house
god what mysterious blokes….
then a starfish shot
then 2003 in glebe spacejunk studio
then a shot from blurred crusade live days
when we had a huge lighting truss
the record itself i probably wont listen to
why would i?
i heard it all before
aint i?
but its a nice package
and you got all our “singles” on one disc
so there you go
it wasnt my idea
but seeing its out
i hope it sells millions
although that
of course
is highly unlikely

was kicking round a footy this arvo
with some other dads from the school
when i went to mark the ball
ie thats aussie rules talk for catching it
and it slipped right thru my fingers
and smacked me right in the testicles
holy fucking toledo
what a feeling that is, thrillseekers
lost my breath
double up
into a new universe called pain
everything else recedes
someone says never mind
you gotta nuff kids…
the kids gather round their fallen daddy
daddy daddy dad they squeak in fear n misery
its ok i gasp
just go away
after that i play football gingerly
i dont care so much if i catch the bloody thing or not
hooo doggie
thats pretty much my day
warm mild overcast weather here

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