posted on December 2, 2008 at 7:26 pm

wednesday arrives in garments of grey turning blue
i find it
i lose it
i almost overlook it
am i amongst friends ?
sometimes i wonder why i bother
sick of myself
i wait to be reabsorbed into the cosmic all
yet still i remain separate
visited jim o’bleek in his offices
the view over the wilderness
i almost thought i saw giraffes down there
he examined my case
murder? he said…..thats the easy part…..
its this poetry charge that worries me….
sure jim sure… i say
and we laugh
and we drink some silver-leaf tea
and he asks me a hundred questions
as he peruses the dusty tomes of law n lawlessness
i sit in the corner watching the wildlife
he quotes me paragraphs n clauses
oh ? i say never listening
never understanding
…you’re better off to ignore most of that…he says
ok… i say …..that shouldnt be too hard…
i catch the rolling starecase
the dwarves are on strike
some singer called jilly mirror has been found alive
the war drags on
some actress called joan aparte has been found missing
the weather will get worse
the commissioner has been exonerated
police have found a large cache of angelfruit
dean nigh the sky-surfer has been injured in a cloud
some foreigner got smacked about up on golgotha crest
the minister appointed his brother
the chamberlain gave himself a raise
the generals all remained safe
the poor seem to be getting poorer
wine shown to be useful for sobriety dos
famous author booked
famous singer moves out of sharp flat
freak accident : train collides with giantess
hot tip : pyromaniac in the 3rd heat
what your husband is worth ; suburb by suburb
piers de boor on extremists :burn them!
sexy ways to lose weight n goddess coupons
free full colour lift out featuring bobby des moines n di-rhonda snodgrass
aw fuck all this! i thought as i wandered thru the news
the driver in my macronetic phonotron has been punctured
and all the flanges had been splanged
i couldnt afford to see a polarist
i didnt want a malarkey suit
and fell-ons were now illegal
back to my place
the surfaces are all neo-soft
i move from room to room via mo-help
my antenna can tune in antares
a maid made a bed
i live simply nowadays
just oxygen shots n a virgin therapy
i’m smart…i use rezzi-rect-em instead of undevilled
i never switch off my kestrel strike
i go to a bar
some guy playing there
david neil
i heard of him
he fell out of a window on a bridge
he sang that song
about the guy who wakes up to find
his wife turned into a dragonfly..
i’m so tired of songs like that
arent you?

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