posted on April 14, 2012 at 5:43 pm


glory to god on high

architect of universe world planner

lovely god lovely pet lovely garden

oh the day shows the way

dew and drop and shell and brook

the web shudders and vibrates touch sensitive

as all things come and go

as all things exist and fade

yet each is registered and has played a part

the flight of the crane

the path of the comet

the way of the lion that fears nothing

let me follow you oh god wherever you are wherever you go

to your sanctuary which is warm and dark like a shop in the old days

there you will turn back time

and i as a child enveloped in that smell of lollies

and i as a free spirit before all this stuff held me down

and i will follow you through groves of sunlit oaks

down to a pounding grey sea where we will defeat the enemy

and amidst crystal pools of golden fish meditating on serenity

i swoon at the mention of any of your secret names

i see your hand in the explosion of luxuriant bloom

i mark your number down and i call it often

sometimes you just don’t answer and i wonder why that is

but i leave a message and sometimes it seems to make sense

good things happen often and bad things only rarely

eventually tho’ we all must suffer

the necessity of this will be clear one day ( i’m sure )

i dunno

a mystery unravels before our eyes

paradoxes are reconciled

and dear lost friends will be reunited

may it be so for everyone!

may good things come and let all have respite

wouldn’t that be nice….?



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