posted on March 15, 2007 at 8:43 pm

yeah whatever baybee
oscillating between poetry n anti-war “sarcasm”
nevets, are you being “sarcastic” to those belligerent warmongers
nevets, are you being rude to those blood thirsty animal eaters
nevets , did you tell all the aggressive philistines to fuck off
ooohh nevets youre worse than hitler!
a storm in a tea cup
still the wars rage on
still the prisoners remain bound
still all the rest
what can ya do?
try to make small changes
try being nice
go on
why not?

im painting n working on music
i dive deeper and find theres constantly more
another plane of colour
another unexplained sound wash
be careful
dont rush it
take it easy
if it aint easy its too hard
see how the masters achieve their effect
do it with love
dedicate it to the hell of it
make it marvellous
try for impossibility
leave space
grow up
remain child like
focus n detach
let your mind wander as you work
the first things are the best things
get some distance
try new things
respect the rules
and then break em
expect the best from yerself
but never be too hard on yerself
make the music like a painting
and vice versa
follow yer train of thought
trust your heart
listen to yer muse
dont blow it
dont get angry
if its fucked up dont persevere
start again
pull stuff outta the thin air
put opposites together
make it intellectual and sexy and divine and nice
stay away from dissonance until you know what yer doing
imitate and innovate
see if you can do it properly before you do it lazily
lazy aint easy
listen to what yer friends say then ignore em
if you know its brilliant , sod their criticism
if you know its baloney, sod their praise
presentation is important
dont be too humble when letting em hear/see
dont tell em too much about it
be modest and realistic
except if you are a genius
then behave like one
try different things
when you paint make sure you got the right music on
talk about art n music all the time
think about it
youll be surprised how answers come to you unbidden
love it

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