posted on August 7, 2010 at 10:56 pm

me me me me me me me


the poetry flows thru my mind to my fingers

a solid stream of words carried by electrical energy

created in some invisible place between my mind and my flesh

a mysterious process no one can understand

a tap is turned on and the nouns n verbs come

adjectives rush in to fill the gaps

all my memories n impressions go round in a vortex

random generator plugging spaces in various sentence structures

a meta console a furious storm a snapshot of someones face

being born moving towards the light

i dream i see a great deluge fall upon this world

i dream i see zebra patterns of sand streaked across my vision

i dream i see summer dressed in aquamarine materialize from the churning sea

poseidon rises from the green depths with a great roar of triumph

ilium in flames

lightning shoots through cretaceous  skies

we are bits of star

death renders us dumb

music plays under the waves

the blue wales a swansea morning

under milkwood under burnt oak

under myrtle sacred to aphrodite

god comes down to fuck mortal women

he doth find the daughters of men comely

mermen on the rocks plucking fender strats

shattering the balmy palatial antarctican spring

everything anything manything

the next line pops up

i already forgotten my life in nineveh

i had a house with a pool and a little garden

i walked to school in the tender sunlight

rose incense lit by nepalese fingers

in the pale days before ashtaroth deserted her temple

i dream i see me as i really am

forever both male and female

walking with jesus on route 66

walking with jesus to see the stones at the mammoth garden

jesus and krsna strumming E 9

jesus with such a great haircut

krsna jamming with his breathy flute

deep in the indian night

the lovely birds coo and warble in the aromatic arabian  dusk

open sesame for the alley barber doing shag cuts for demi gods

two little zip bags expensive white crystals

crystalline rush of my love holds sway

shiva with the ganges in his hair

adam n eve kilbey by the euphrates river

a fox appears by the edges of a field of visions

i dream i swim in cold clear salt water in which i breathe

gills and fins spring from my torque

i am a fish i am a car  i am a metallic bird

i am falcon i am panther i am w.h. moses

i dart thru dreamskies defying zero gravity

i strap on my bass as big as ceylon

the first note is earth

the second note is ether

the third note is sea

the fourth note is silent

my bass is my staff which is charged with cosmic mojo

my bass is creating universes which flow away in radiant concentrics

my bass summons baal n zeus n some distracted lucifer

lucifer plunges burning n screaming thru the blue morning air

its saturday

the shops are all open in the underworld

i buy some powdered nepenthe from ms gypsy fire

i buy sister/lovers on 8 track cartiledge

i swarm down from valhalla with my unicorn and lion

i tread lightly on cloud and tumble through the mirror

i welcome the age of aquarius from my yacht on sydney harbour

fireworks burst apart new years eve as we love on the balcony

i’m in a film about a film about a film about that actor playing me

i forget my lines and everybody laughs in the orient

zsa zsa gabor takes off her bra and suckles eastern europe

her milk white ass wobbles under a quicksilver tracksuit

quickly quickly the fire ripples upstream

i score a litre of liquid light from the man inner moon

i grunt as i enter elysium and fall headlong onto my feat

i feel around in the opaline darkness of pompeiian evening

jericho gazes at my big trombone

i frisk the cops that flee the implications of entropy

i invite some broad to my narrow digs

my trident logo slowly appears on the black screen

hesius dome downloaded from nep-tunes store

the dolphins swim before our beaked ships heading for ithacan hotspots

siegfried covered in dragons blood invulnerable except for his sacro-iliac

the african woman foams in her trance

everything is naked in its illusion

babylon where the sands drift and mirages graze

robert louis stevenson in samoa walking on a bridge with tim

marlo brandon in tahiti listening to untitled#24

aurora clooney her eyes swimming in her head

scarlet in the riviera grown up and ravishing

elli n minna identical but with differences

i am reduced to riches

the king of wands

the night of swords

the ace of daggers

the prints are ready

the queen of mercury

the jack of hammers

the knave of oblongs

les kilbey smoking a rothmans on d day n playin’ the piano

my mother as a little girl her house all bombed n ruined

london as i wanted it to be in 1967 welcomes me with open arms

in a little courtyard i drink tea with steve peregrine took

back in canberra i relive my choicest memories

my first kiss in my new mansuit i stick my tongue in the nights mouth

i walk down the hall in my old house and lay down on my sea bed

its always the holidays on the otherside

everyone loves me and the women are all beautiful

i pass my exams and i graduate as some famous doctor/lawyer/scientist

i can surf and i’m an olympian athlete with a land speed record

i can fly and swim and move underground and pass thru solid walls

i read your mind and i sift thru yer thoughts

i miraculously cure this world of its troubles

i prove one n one equals aura

wow! zeus digs me and i get initiated into the mysteries at delphi

uh oh it couldnt last …i am hounded from the jungle by lingerie clad nymphos

daybreaks into shards on the way to damascus

is that enough for now i wonder?

how do you know when a poem is over ? i ask andre breton

oh you’ll know…he says and hits spacebar

oh my laptop burns my thighs

i’d better stop now

while i’m still a head

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