posted on May 9, 2012 at 1:22 pm

serrated times

the magazines are out of date

man all those people are long gone today

perhaps i have been over doing it


i fall asleep unexpectedly by the blue pool

under the shade of  an elephant palm

the film in the camera over exposed

i spit out my stimoral at Stuvon Flats

i hear the beatles out in the twilight

i canceled my appointment with the aquarium

my tank was not quite ready it was empty

i read an article about a distant star

its strange to think of all that life out there somewhere

the buses are irregular although i’m not going anywhere

last night i saw venus’ shadow on the moon

by the way thanks for the card

it meant so much

for a moment

then the sun and blue sky again

propped up in bed

a vase of withered flowers on a little white table

its clean here if a little shabby

i watch the motes silently fall in the ray of lights


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