posted on October 5, 2010 at 7:43 pm

starry knight

type type type

my fingers get busy

some words appear in my head outta knowhere

memories conundrums fleeting thoughts

long life leading up to this momento

a lotta good n a lotta bad

learn my lines

play my part

time drags n then suddenly gone

possibilities stretch out n collide

impossible dream run dont walk

multiple edits on fabric of reality

a pattern for some lovely final curtains

warm evening descends on my town

all the heroes n villains out there

the crims n the cops close in

the flowers wilt

the cactus sags

the bonsai exceeds its pot

the fruit is over ripe

a bunch of childrens books on the table

i drink cold jewish grape juice guaranteed kosher

made in the holy land it says but where is holier than right here…?

my light has blown so i sit in the darkening dark

a green vase with fake plastic flowers sits against the night

the medicine has expired in the packet

the temperature has exceeded 20 degrees celsius

the music drifts in from next door but its very faint

the cars seem to fade away in the distance

i sit in my kitchen an empty vessel communicating

the zeitgeist lingers heavy

i sit in my kitchen

and i think


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