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illumination of the golden ray

(this vision has been granted to me)

in the earliest days of our earth

they say our maker loved us still

and gifts were bestowed upon humanity freely

oh he lovingly shaped the womens faces in perfection

and he gave the men grace and honour

this beautiful creator

these beautiful gods

these incredible gorgeous chances

they took certain men and women

and lavished on them all divine talents

yes half gods they almost were

because their poetry was a spell calling forth wonder

their paintings were saturated in empathy and feeling

ah but their music was unearthly

impossible to describe

compared to this

our greatest symphony would be a dog barking

our most tender ballad a scraping door

our most lively song a dull ache

2 greatest of these musicians were

excelon the singer and rampion the composer

excelon looked like a queen and truly she was

no man who heard her sing did not fall in love

for she looked like aphrodite

but she sang like the widowed isis

her words seemed written by athene herself

but her manner was artemis or kali

lord rampion was a wild dissolute genius

his music made holy statues smile and shed blissful tears

within the space of one minute

within the time of one inch

rampion would conjure the darkness the light the pathos

so poignant musicians broke down in wonder to read his scores

so simple so incredibly huge like our universe itself

then so minute so complex so fragile so interconnected

divinity flowed through his arrangements

he broke every rule and proved them simultaneously

oh his music healed the broken hearts of old soldiers

deserted children sheltered within his softest lullabyes

every nation on our earth had an anthem composed by him

there are no words to describe his stuff

marvellous seems a pale and lifeless word for his work

it was loose yet so precise like a cat taking a bird out of the sky

yes his music quicker than this then slower than forever

musicians who played his symphonies were cured of illnesses

audiences sat stunned and amazed

together they had absolutely everything

it was too much

so unbearably brilliant was their collaboration

it taxed them greatly to perform it at all

they were both subject to the ecstasies that afflict us all here

and so charged was their song

even for they were not immune themselves

can you imagine music at once chaotic yet structured like a mathematical law

inducing deep profound silent reveries a hundredfold more than opium

inducing orgasms which pierced eternity

inducing a joy that was like grief

inducing pineal to release river of DMT

inducing astral selves to rise in dream like sir percival in albion

inducing visions of unending lives

the glory of our gods manifestations as all things living

inducing therefore union in unity within a unified field

the audience transported telepathed sent

lord rampion had mystified his admirers again

oh yes the ladies swooned for rampion

not because of his handsomeness tho he was no doubt that

not for his wealth or his fame though both were seemingly endless

but rampions music spoke to them deep within

deep within a most private and sacred place

deep within where pleasure and prayer are juxtaposed like snakes

deep within each woman in a deep place only a woman could understand

there rampions orchestral thrusts and feints did most surely inflame

yes of course the men loved his music too

that is a given

but the women of those times adored his sounds

for he combined the pain of woman deeper than mens

but he included the propensity for love that guides her

greater than mans

her pleasures her punishments

yes deeper than any man had ever gone before with music

rampion delved deep in the female principle

and he found a bliss that blew his mind

and he found rivers of sensual delights unknown to man

the old ladies

the mature and fertile women

the young girls and female babes

oh all hearkened to rampions strange tune

what were his ingredients but all sounds on earth….?

the sound of a sun slipping into a sky

the sound of a thought lingering on from a dream

the sound of apollos love for ishtar the temple whore

the sound of butterflies roaring as if in vacuum

the sound of safety and warmth and trust

the sound of food and home and sweet summer rain

the sound of sand and water

the song of steel the song of war

the song of prophets the song of the drug addicts

the song of the delirious genius imploding within his own enigma

the torture of endless possibility of creating intoxicating masterpieces

with but one note….

now excelon the queen of voice was to man as rampion was to woman

well her words and the way she sang oh she played every part at once

and she had overtones of spirit

and she had undertones of creature

and yes she was more graceful than a planet

and she never sang one false note or word and could not

in every appearance she was different

shockingly unrecognisably different

how could she contain so many looks…?

people tried to imitate  but she had already transformed on

oh the men paid her song close attention

coupled ferociously with rampions music

yes her words and his music complemented the other

yes her lovely words sometimes fucked his music

and then stabbed men with their anger and shame

yes her words

and his godlike music inculcated beauty that was bewilderment

together they were titans

together they were the alpha and omega

they had everything between them

her voice which had the power to revoke impotence and sickness

the voice which resonated in brains balls and bones

the voice which whispered glimpses of godly mystery

the voice which whispered pure filth as if in abandon and rut

the voice which spoke of nirvana and mother and child and soul

and her words which were koans which were a cant which were inexplicable

in every language in no language at all

her voice and words did not promise joy

there were joy unto themselves

they alluded to nothing but wonder

yet they were intimate

each man secretly believed she addressed only him

in his heart of hearts her song blossomed as rapture

an energising stimulant a soothing painkiller

men in love with her were as mad lovers in the heat of it all

yes somehow she reached inside the mens hearts and garments

and she used her voice and her words to weave gossamer chains

and the men were then gladly bound in bondage to her glorious song

and each listened to each song in eternal astonishment at its power

and never did one grew tired not ever …..


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