posted on December 30, 2005 at 10:51 am

there you are
i always know where to find you
i been thinking about ya a lot
thinking how nice
and kind
and sweet
you can be
that youre there when
i need a soldier to cry on
the way you help me
feel its ok to be me

and the year has nearly gone baby
were you goode this yeare…?
i was goode and badde..
just shifting ratios
the 3 gunas combining recombining
the past present future exerting its triple pull
us spinning round the sun
the sun spinning round its sun
and that sun spinning too
in wider arcs
time impenetratable
space ever receding in the distance
love, only an ideal
truth pliant , relative
hope for hope
life by life
on and on

the richest guy in australia just died
his investments alone earned him
a million fuckin bux a day
he woke up each morning
and he was 500 grande richer
than when he went to bed
he could have a five minute nap and buy a fender strat
each second he got more than you in a day
now what…..
what good did it all do…?
i dunno
it must be harder to say goodbye when you got so much
harder to let go
life entangles ya
it gives ya reasons to take it seriously
it can turn ya “straight”
my kids threw their half eaten ice cream cones down at the beach
a big alpha sea gull flies down
and he wants em both
he just running between the 2 cones
trying to keep the other birds away
but not getting anything himself
while they gradually bit by bit
peck away
till he has nothing
is that a metaphor for humanity….?

where is this going…?
i dunno
and i dont care
it just meanders about
like ole man river
these are my thoughts
as they happen
aurora and i had a talk
she said sometimes she cant tell if this is a dream or not
and sometimes she feels shes playing a part in a film
existential angst
then she said
but then, i have only been around 6 years…
sometimes she sleepwalks
and talks in another unknown language
we saw a mercedes today
i said look at that lovely olde car
she said oh dad
its from the 1960s
i said how did you know that?
she said i dunno
i just did….

the waves were very flat today
lots o people enjoying emselves
warm water idyllic day
so that just about wraps 2005 up
1 day to go
watch out someone nassty dont kiss ya at midnite
you gotta avoid em
put some thought in beforehand
have an escape root
dont take too any druggs
dont drink too much booze
moderation, people
dont over do it
if ya gotta drive when yer tripping or drunk
stay on the footpath
its much safer

avoid being choked by streamers
practise safe sex till you get really good at it
make sure yer dessignited driver
has only taken a half
turn up at yer neighbours place at 4 in the morning
off yer face and saying
where are all the chicks?
if people are snorting coke in the bathroom
take a piss in peru
the symmetry ll shock ya…!
if you feel like touching the hostess
and saying
you know
i know im out of it…
but ive always really fancied ya baybee
lets leave you know who behind
and hit a small hotel i know
w/ ensuites and air con
if ya feel like saying it
then just doo it, you cool jerk
if ya get in a fight
dont play clean
spray champagne in their eyes
and tie a knot in yer hanky
do ya know the words to auld lang sine
fuck em then
make em up
or sing a song by MEE
at midnite
dont promise any bastard the moon
dont give any one yer number
if yer find yerself at an opus dei party
spike the punch
or punch the spike
give marijuana cookies to olde “straights”
and watch the funne
as they realise
at 12 oclock
that their whole life has been meaningless
thatll get some real laughs
if youre with fellow bohos
share yer stash graciously
and dont wee in the sink
leave the ouija board behind tho
unless you want to contact the living
if its a pool party
resist urge to jump in butt naked
itll probably
piss off the other guests
watching you climb back out
dont over do the nibblies
chippies and beer
can combine in an unstable manner
dont mix drinks
ie booze and water
dont play party games
where you reveal great chunks of yer “colourful” past
only to be interrogated on the way home
and spending jan 1 in ye olde doghouse
dont double dip
but triple is ok
if yer tripping in someones garden
climb up a tree
and threaten to fly
if you vomit in someones bathroom
let the coke snorters clean it up
if you feel dizzy
its probably just
a grande mal seizure coming on
could be a goode way to leave that dull soiree
order ten cabs
one is sure to turn up
gate crash strangers partyies
tell em sk sent ya
if they aint heard o me
you got the wrong address
if they have
you still got it wrong
invite yerself over to yer exes at midnite
to see if they kept any of yer sk cds
when ya split up
break in if theyre not there
and help yerself to whatever ya want
no one can bust ya
its NYE baybee


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