posted on March 25, 2010 at 1:49 am

flew down to melbourne town
last week to do the # 1 show in australia
which is kinda like a quiz show i guess
although there are no prizes and no one cares about the score
i get a chance to be funny and witty and show off my knowledge a bit
didnt get that many questions right but no one seemed to mind
they all said “boy you did well”
i have a comedian on one side called dave
who it seems had a bit of a crush on the church as he was growing up
hes regaling me with church stories a singing bits of lyrics at me
not what i was expecting
the host of the show n the 2 mainstays very cordial
all the crew very cordial
everyone treated me very nicely
will be interested to see how show comes out eventually
after editing etc
(they say bout 3 weeks it’ll be on)
then on saturday n sunday
participated in the rival music quiz show
at enmore theatre in sydney
live for 3 shows but not filmed
another wonderful bunch of people on all levels
kind and accommodating thats for sure
among guests were clare bowditch who i sang under pressure with
as a closing duet to 1st show
there was john paul young who was quite a raconteur backstage
i was pumping him for info on the era just before mine began
there was adalita from magic dirt who was very cool too
and the boys in rockwiz orkestra plus ash naylor
what a fruckin’ supergroup
we did milky whey and at rock wizs request we did disarm
at the end we all did cum on n feel the noize
if you can believe it
yeah i belted it out like a real olde pro ha ha
i’m trying to weld arcane fop to showbiz trouper here folks
are the seams showing?
its an art to be a good all round entertainer
and in the spirit of diversity
i am attempting to be a regular on any old tv show who wants me
after all i’m handsome urbane quick n i could look good in a suit
i’m opinionated and i’m rarely stuck for words
i come up good on camera now
(as long as you dont get too close to my wrinkles)
and i can be chatty and silly or serious or whatever ya want
flexible malleable and i come cheap ….perfect for yer tv show mister
and yet and yet
i’m still a bit of an unknown quantity
no one really knows what i might say
i had a chequered career so im perceived as having paid me dues (man)
if i can just behave myself a bit
i might indeed have a parallel career in musical comedy or theatre
or celeb squares
gimme a chance
you’ll be surprized
spent yessaday singing milky whey again for a game called rockband
almost as bad as a rooted canal but no anaesthetic!
on monday nite i leave for the states n san diego
where we’ll rehearse n do our first gig
i see a possibility of more tv in the states too
watch out
im a multi media explosion
with maximized internet clout
my boxset of solo albums is coming
gb3 is coming
david neil is coming
deadmans hand is coming
and of course various odd collaborations
poetry film and musical all coming down the line atcha
today a quiet day of respite with my little woofle in bondi
autumn is in the air
but its still warmish
ok you fools
see you soon

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