posted on August 26, 2011 at 10:13 pm

chemical flame

brian smith sent me a timely article that

some scientists have just postulated :

marijuana can cause a condition

known as semantic hyper priming …..

in which the mind matches words from a larger pool of possible associations

thus giving the stoned poet a bit of a jump on some sober rival

wow havent i been saying that for years …?

and it doesnt just do that for verbal concepts either….

some strange thing in pot can make certain artists

come up with new ideas across the board

i always said that like a switchboard getting all mixed up

parts of the brain speaking to each other that normally dont

yeah it works for some n not for others….

kids dont try this at home etc…..

insert your favourite caveat here

semantic hyper priming eh….?

well i’ll be a monkeys uncle typing out the complete works of shakespeare

semantic hyper priming…..huh….well one has to do ones bit for things like that…

you mean i wanna be the top poet in this town n theres something out there give me SHP?
SHP…… kidding me

semantic hyper fucking priming why that is the wholly grail of your average jason rimbaud

why you smoke a lil’ THC n you got SHP…i mean ….LOL……

all them fuggen connections in my mind man

just like the time being man like he said the words coming off a roll in his skull

fuck my aunty warned me against SHP man

she said steven those words gotta come from somewhere man

no fucking way!

pot gives you all them words man and more

more fucking words than you can handle man if you aint dylan bobalaire

watch out! there should be a warning on neils purple heads

exactly now you think david neil did not exist then go back and listen

remindlessness done in 1989 and i sing of neils purple heads

yes i needed that SHP then and always

just think …and is that why theyve banned it wouldnt be fair..

imagine at the poetry playoffs …all them poets with artificially induced SHP

just freely associatin’ some fucken bullzshit

ooh wow imagine that surge of delicious semantic hyper priming

oh fuck yes it will feel good just like nevets yeblik choofing on the bone

words flooding inner my brain oh wow like….man…its insane….

imagine meeting chicks inner bar i will say hey babe i’m a SHPer…

how about you babe hows yer vocab hows yer priming hows yer rhyming…?

and all you needed all along was a bong ..bang you gotta song

seems not for some nongs …no matter how many bongs …….

ok guess i ‘ll get along

man it feels good to have all this most excellent SHP at my wherewithal

mmm it feels good…….





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