posted on July 5, 2009 at 3:36 am

have had a horrible day
driving to buffalo
and on
where we are gonna cross into canada
we are doing a gig in hamilton
opening for van der graf generator
it musta seemed like a good idea at the time
we have driven a whole 12 hours to get here
i feel disconnected depressed and jittery
too much caffeine
quite frankly i wish i was at home
last nite was another good gig
in a hot n dark little place
i dunno
i feel like this has been an awful day
i wanna get to bed
still to get thru border crossing n drive to hamilton
i’m over it
fuck it
i hadda nuff
sk somewhere on canadian border
fourth of july
almost midnight
and ive fucken hadda nuff

at about 1 00 in morning we queue up
to get into canada
we have to go in the place
where they check us out
just a short drive to hamilton…right?
roadworks saw five lanes of busy july 4 traffic
turn into one lane
it took another 1 n half hours to drive the 40 miles!!
arrive at the crumbiest smelliest hotel in the world
a cigaretty flea pit
outside it looks like a bad bit of detroit or something
all to open for some olde band
even older than us
in a tiny theatre…..
i’m underwhelmed
i need some new socks…..

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