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essay on my songs

how many have i written

how many have you herd

how many and how much releases

i started writing songs at 11

i wrote two and then i stopped till 16

then i started again i guess

actually some the the 16 year olds were worse than 11s

yeah writing songs my people

thats what i’m best at in the long run

thats my real day job

writing songs

you listen to all your favourites

from all of that and all of you

concoct a delicious blend


how to delicify the concoction

well a nice beat

boom boom whack boom boom whack thump crash etc

leave that to the drummer he’ll know best for sure

oh now this bits important

more than anything else

get the bass right, right?

the bass is the thing

i realised that

so did paul


and a few others i could mention

the bass makes the changes

simple subtle gently pulsating bass mmmmm

warm and inviting

oh so enticing

the cake not the icing

mighty obliging

the bass guitar

pluck it slap it pick it lash it strum it thumb it

the deep end fix that knock ya for uh seven, steven

the lowdown hit of creamy bass

like a white shot in your hart

for some songs bass is everything

but for other songs the bass just plods along

plodding songs are ok

yo-o heave ho

father why are the pleasants plodding

father whither pleasants plod

the peasants plod each silly sod my son

yo-o heave ho yo whatsup?

look anysong is good song

you dont need a fucking bass for goodsong

you need number one

a melody!

thats it

thats the secret folks

a good tune ya could whistle down the winding and long road

no one can tell ya how to do that

it just sorta happens

a million or none ways

i dunno

they can never really teach ya that

that sublime moment a good melody jumps inner ya head

it cometh out of nowhere

one minute not there

next minute youre singing it

thats what grant could do

its a gift some have

you can work on it hard and itll blossom n bloom soon

a lot of work can potentiate a small gift

a lot of practice and diligence takes a medium gift right up there

and then after melody you have the optimum words

those fascinating scintillating gems n pearls

about cars n girls greek myths what ifs travel and love

those meaningless words why do they mean so much

how you gonna write that?

you gotta get inside the language of song

you think about it all day long

every word n phrase turned over for sweet suitability

my songs have words

words i dredge my mind for

words i struggle with for ages about 2 seconds

come on my words fly to me outta thin air

my computer like mind interfaced with collectable subconscious

link up with esoteric etheric spirit

which guides and commissions the process

the eternal you

drawing on everything

because a song could theoretically contain everything

go on try chucking random bits of everything in a lyric

see…it aint so easy

you need that leap of faith no timidity please

you need love too

you need to love your song a bit

give it some deep love because it will nourish it

try for the best words only

feel in your heart when you have some good ones

they’ll impress you

let yourself be therefore impressed

instruments you need in varying degrees

guitars of course

piano colada

strings n horns n harps n drones

gonna stitch you up when you come undone

muse : a clever little bastard…

me : you like that…?

and let the instruments be suitable also

dont let them trumpets blow it for ya

dont let that fuzz guitar distort yer perception

dont let the snare rattle you too much

dont let the 88s do a number on ya

dont let the bass go so easy

but dont let it go hard

a simple sigh man

a bass cleft

bass n drum go hand in hand

whatever that means

you already knew it

how they reinforce the other

how they dictate their terms to each other

to interweave maybe

but to collide …never!

this is the important stuff

but you can never say just what it is

but i can only tell ya my version

many ways to skin a song

come in thru the strangest doors

just a title

think of all the great titles you ever saw or heard

the ones that grabbed ya good

get a good title

thats all you might need

mind you not guaranteed

here are some of my favourite song titles

in no particular world order

cirrus minor

strawberry fields forever

queen jane approximately

i want you

eight miles high

king is white and in the crowd

seven by seven

elemental child

moonage daydream

search and destroy

sweet thing/candidate


the end



guiding light

mercury towers

zen archer

i dunno a lot more too

i mean millions of em

good titles

i guess

maybe not millions

but theyre not that hard to beg borrow or steal

go on nick it!

i do

they all fucking do

just help yerself to someones novels title

i do

come on shakespeare aint gonna sue ya if ya use a line from macbeth

nick it pick out the bits ya want

go on lift from me

i dont mind

its a complement

use the good stuff thats what its there for

a line outta the bible its pure authenticity

i mean how much more authentic can ya be than adam n eve

you could write a rock opera about them

muse : oh some rich guy, go on, commission him…….

adam n eve by steve kilbey

a new rock opera

adam is some troubled type

sings deep and complicated stuff

eve sings wordless in operatic ecstasies

the snake is a fucking rapper ha ha ha

rapping how the big apple is outta sight

come on evie take a lil bite

the lyrics you liable to find in the bible

asked nick emptor cave

ask paul simon or some other geeza

ok thats enuff for one day

got my opening knight tomorrow

must rehearse all day

im nervous now

good night ladies n gentlemen


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