posted on September 27, 2011 at 8:11 pm

explosion of interest

what i hope to achieve with sk premium is manifold i guess

it will start off nebulous as is my want

it has already started off

a few already are subscribed and receiving download codes

well i have a lotta stuff up my sleeve

in many formats and in many stages of completion

dvds cds books etc etc

the sk premium people will get first and cheaper access to this

because they are like executive producers helping me to assemble

this lifetime of work i must get it out there i suppose

i dont know why

i didnt start doing this for money

but ive made a living and im grateful

this premium package is designed therefore

to satisfy both of us

it will be flexible it will be understanding it will be fair

it is not there to fleece ya

if you really feel like you deserve it but cant afford it then let me know is the address for serious skp talk

dont fill up my comments with saying youre broke

we all are


i want us all to be happy

basically you’ll be getting whatever i knock out each year

some of it will only be available here and only to skp

david neil is first up and people are already getting him at this very mo

(#1 for 2 weeks at redeye records in sydney!!)

next will be isidore 2 …life somewhere else

this will be an experimental joint release between timebeing and communicating vessels

coming soon after will be my art dvd which has been called many titles

eg get stoned and paint, art movie etc etc

then there will be the first in a series of totally solo albums

which will be a blinding tour de force of everything youve heard up until now

pure unadulterated me only suddenly better than before

wait and see

a new remedial treatment i have had has revealed new gumption

a renewed commitment to knocking out some unworldly music

because it is now time to do so

some of these albums i imagine will be intensely poignant

suitable only for the ears of skp discernment and appreciation

these will only be ever available here

meanwhile there is talk of lyric book art book and sk tarot cards

these are totally special and amazing

our own MEM has toiled on this idea for many years

and he has devised an incredible deck based on my lyrics paintings and his own insight

if these ever get off the ground you will LOVE em !

i have the source material for 2 documentaries

jack frost in 1991

the church 1990 (the one i never got off the ground before)

(if you chipped in for that let me know and i’ll knock that of yer SKP)

it is so much more feasible now to make these happen than then

so i guess theres stuff coming down the line for you

plus archives and some kind of interaction

seeing you liked the q and a apparently

i dont wanna promise you the moon

but i guarantee skp will be what you want it to be

roughly based on a years worth of subscription for a hundred bucks

i had dinner in some overpriced joint the other night

it was 91 dollars…

so i dunno

if youre already on board hang on for the next thing comin’ atcha


i guess i’m gonna sell these records and things on the site

yes you will be able to purchase things individually

of course it will be much cheaper and quicker to be in SKP

and it will hopefully give me the wherewithal to concentrate more on this

which after all is where my heart lies

doing this stuff and pushing my limits if i can

to bring you the most undiluted sounds from my uh universe

if you want it try it for a year

see if we all like it

hundred bucks its a lotta money…..!

hundred bucks its nothing….!

if you dont wanna do it fair enough

should i apologise now for my rampant capitalism…?

think of yourselves as my patrons

yeah like botticelli n all them old italians maestros had

youre paying me to produce this art for us

its noble

it might even be tax deductible if youre creative

its kinda exciting

if you like a chance to back maverick mercurial artists

if you wanna be a part of this particular experiment

substitutions can be made

eg if youre jeffrey cains brother in law and he gives you an isi 2

then i guess you can use your credit elsewhere

we’re in it together

what do you want?

we have a little team here working on it

we will soon have credit card features i’m told

i hope to rerelease some excellent titles currently unavailable like hex 1 n 2


whatever is happening in my world

SKP will be the first to see it hear it know it and enjoy it

SKP the real deal

an interactive user friendly system of micro-patronage

available at still only 2 dollars a week

payable in one fell swoop and then….ah the bliss of SKP…

what could be nicer than that?





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