posted on August 10, 2007 at 3:13 am

beautiful fiends
its friday
the end of the week
im reading a book called giants of the frost
by an australian author(ess) kim wilkins
theres a picture of her inside and shes very pretty
im not exactly wolfing the book down
as i did that tolkien book
its got the norse gods in it which is a plus
but its all hinged on a bit of a drippy (so far) love story
by the whey
i did get to see all of the illusionist
and i thought it was better than the prestige
(by a mile)
but still i ached for the lost opportunities
to go all the way
forget the dopey bint who played the heroine
keep the love interest carryon a minor thing
we want magic
we want darkness
we want inexplicable unexplainable mystery
we wanna be carried away
we want from our fiction n film
what we cannot have from real life
thats my job, too
i write songs that come from somewhere else
somewhere over the rainbow
somewhere where things blur and the mundane is cancelled out
i am working on combinations of words and melodies
i am working on clusters of notes arranged pointilistically
like blips on a graph measuring your deep heart
i am working on memories we never had
dreams we should have, but never did dream
my voice continues to mellow and improve
my fingers find their way unaided
they glide over pianos n tambourines
the guitar gives up new things to me
everything falls in its place
like tiger woods sinking a putt
polinski is even as we speak preparing to mix painkiller
its a sprawling esoteric masterpiece
its got concise lil rock songs
its got long meandering things
its got radiotronics and feedback
crashing walloping exciting drumming
its my usual narcissistic genius/idiot lyrics
oh god people
how the words keep flying into my head
rhymes n phrase n allusions and metres
you understand when you hear it
how easy it was to make
and all the love
my love
tims love
william master of spaces love
polinski the iconoclast will express his love
in reverbs and rich valves and bringing out the grain
the record is the solo record i had to make
remindlessness is also a sprawling work of love n music
but limited by its recording in my spare bedroom
the mechanical-ness of a lot of it
i didnt want that….its just what happened
narcosis plus more is another lovely record too
dark brooding sad electronic whirlpool
those are my 2 best so far
but this new one is a real “proper” record
coming along at a parallel rate is the k/k record
a nother cup of fish all together now
simple songs
poignant music
just so right…..
just so set up to be sung over
jlk gives me a song we worked on a cuppla weeks back
lovely work to all concerned
the 2 records will polarise you
one wild ride in n out of the chakras
one lovely garden of verse
you gonna love em both
you gonna need em both
like you need both eve and aurora
like you need day n night
like you need sex n sleep
like you need up n down

went round n visited my oirish friends j n m
who are renting a lovely little villa in coogee
a few beaches down from bondi
while e and a and m played
framed against the mauve sunset and the calm pacific ocean
we talked of mice n men
j snapped a pic of aurora
her father standing behind her
his hands on her shoulders
both of them against the warm australian black night
my hands symbolically protecting my beloved daughter
and my eyes narrowed in the way fathers eyes do narrow
grant comes on my pod (again!!!)
strangely enough immediately after shuffle played
“in this room”
which is one its never thrown up before
(the church: music your shuffle can throw up)
grant youre not telling me my numbers up are ya?
(the track was “the clock”)
anyway i just spoke to polinski
and he likes what hes heard so far
so thats a good sign
he really is one of the best
at getting what i want
and im sure he’ll come thru
years of live blasting music have rendered my ears useless
for mixing at any rate
and it never was my best kinda thing
leave it to the specialists i say
my speciality is creating this intrigue outta thin air
the world will of course largely ignore it
a few thousand will get it
maybe not even buy it
maybe just get it outta some friends senuti ipod
but itll be out there now forever
and itll go on turning em on as long as they wanna listen
it will mean something to you
to whoever wants to invest an hour
penetrating its mystery
have we got an hour for that these days?
youll squeeze it in somehow
its gonna go on giving to ya
my selfcentred macrocosmic narcissistic everyman schtick!
my cartoon epic new age old age fabulous mess
just like that!

sk n.bondi aug. 2007

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