posted on May 8, 2008 at 9:32 pm

is it love that makes us rock?
oh i love rock
oh i love love
oh i love drug
lets see now…..
i see baby tapping her feet to the beat
i see her eyes flash
i see lava
elemental right to rock
igneous pop
i love it when the guitars are crunchy and marine blue
timpani rolling in like waves now
the fire that burns underwater
the fire that flames in neptunes green glass
the fire that warms old lucifers slippers
then you must harness yourself
the grind of the great wheel
the planets strain at the bit depth
who can unleash them from their courses
who can channel england
who still has a bus ticket from lemuria
who can rock like a bitch then sleep like dog
my rock is my contradiction buster
i aint afraid of no paradox
i perceived i penetrated and i pissed off
i am animal i am soul
i am obsessed by rock n roll
grow up…i cant
slow down…not me
act your age…..never
what will you do…i will rock
what will you sing…the body electric
what will you say….thank you
what will you expect…nothing
what will you incorporate…everything
yoga and rock….hand in glove
does yoga make us rock
does swimming make us rock
does qi gong make us wok
i reckon achilles was a rocker
young n glorious n golden
dipped in a river of heroin
wielding a gibson les paul
fucking with the “straights” all over the aegean
quarreling over a chick with that old agamemnon
he turned up at troy with his sound and lights
he slew em baby
he brought the house down
live fast he screamed
he reached the chorus ablaze
he hit hades town like a flamin’ wraith
boogalooing in the elysian fields with some sexy ghosts
you see rocknroll is eternal
it was re-discovered in the 1960s
fender basses were dug up in south american jungle temples
those cats down in peru were banging out their 12 bars
chewing their coca leaves n stumbling thru louie louie
one million years ago some giant in africa
some winged love god blazing away on a hammond organ
of course he was
rock permeates all times n places
bolan told ya bout the ballrooms of mars
i told ya bout the statues of sharon stone
i told ya how the killer was on the road
yeah thats when i stepped thru jims mirror
yeah i met brian jones there too
and he gave me his blessings as he wanders unseen
through the eucalypts and sycamores
i hang out in laurel canyon with hannibal barker
and he is a savage gutter rocker
he keeps singing in phoenician though
and the child bride sacrifice is somewhat over done
makes me wanna pick up my own plank
and thump away beneath the surface of treble
makes me dream of genie
makes me dreamaround
makes me dizzy with rush
makes my moodswing velocitize
makes my devonsheer t
makes my equal oppa-tunity
makes my resolve harder
makes my green sea go turn a deeper blue
ballerinas guys on motorbikes
a dancing baby elephant
the whole she bang
i wanna conquer some dark continent
i wanna go electric at newport
i wanna hang with the red baron backstage in london
i wanna listen to mozart tuning up
i wanna see genghis khan punch out europes lights
i wanna see vivaldi fire liszt for being stoned again
i wanna see billie holiday on vacation
i wanna score over at scott n janis joplins
i wanna jam with nero at the imperial
i wanna fiddle about with that crazy god-king
i wanna redeem my soda bottles in a gomorrah 7-11
i wanna rock and then i wanna roll over easily
thats enough
thats enough for one day
one wonderful day
day of wonders

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