posted on March 25, 2008 at 6:07 pm

we just kept on getting it wrong
didnt we
underestimating this
overestimating that
the obvious stuff
everything was everything
but all we saw was the difference
it was encoded in us to always fumble n fudge it
coming up with something brilliant
we slid down the ladders n climbed up the snakes
it was so easy to just kill
opposable thumbs
we can do lots of things
defenceless offenders
we had goldrushes
we had coppertone tans
we had free witch trial offers
we burned em and called them the monsters
we cured this thing
but it caused that thing
we killed that
and it grew more and more heads
we swallowed elephants to catch flies
and the flies swallowed
and the swallows flew
they went north n south
but we were always there first
finest vases and coloseums
laying mosaics or laying waste
christian lion slave
hippos and horses
snow or sand
we called them explorers
but they were bulls in china shops
destroying and ruining
send out the missionaries
its time some of these people
found out the bad news:
some woman ate an apple
and now we all gonna suffer?
but it must be right
or we wouldnt win all those wars
the hundred years war
wow !
the great grandfathers started it
and some geezer in the distant future will end it
who cares why?
just dont get caught
and if you do
get a rationale
say you were just following orders
you didnt know they would all die
did you
forget all that
weve got pictures of actors
look this ones fat
look this ones thin
look this ones hot
look this ones not
he got her heart
but these two break apart
have a drink and watch the game
the rules have changed but the objects the same
regulations and paragraphs
parking inspectors outside a graveyard booking a hearse
knock down the forest to make a book about forests
maintain popularity no matter what
never say youre sorry even if you actually are:
untrustworthy my manners are impeccable
more tea vicar? pew its a scorcher….
my ipod has sat nav
my sat nav has an A I persona
the A I persona has a glitch
the glitch is built-in
a necessary hiccup
a human error
is that possible?
take it back
theyre churning these things out
millions n millions n millions
for kids in the third n fourth worlds
for us in the first world too
and the second world and minute world
and jimmy and erises world of laughs
that eye in the pyramid…
whos it watching?
what did i ever do?
my shrink says
hey you…youre fucking nuts
then he charged me
and now im really mad
and im confused
im gonna look at some pictures of actors
ooh look this ones fat
this ones thin….
this is …….alright

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