posted on July 21, 2006 at 7:36 pm

why dont hotel room windows open in america
to stop people jumpin’ out
why the obsession with ice?
the pool is tepid
my shower only runs on hot
you cant get it cold or it turns off
so its a boiling hot day here in san diego
but the pools warm n the showers hot
and ice
and a.c.
but no cooling water or breezes
is something wrong here?
the pool water was like sliding into
tepid chemical soup
my skin began to itch
my eyes went red
and my poor thin fine hair split its ends
itsa lovely vista from my hotel
an absolute riot of trees
palms, oaks, elms
(as if i wood know what an elm tree looks like)
(but its nice to go on listing the lovely names
of the lovely trees)
birch, sycamores, honeysuckle w/ hummingbirds
hazy grey blue sky
i think of the spanish , zorro
it IS very like spain here
it IS a beautiful part of the world
but its weird too
laidback n expensive n slightly uptight
a sub-culture of (presumably) mexican maids n waiters
they appear n do things but it SEEMS like yr not supposed to talk to em
i said thanks to a guy taking away my plates
and he looked at me like
what are ya talking to me for
some things i guess im naive about
some lovely fans from mexico last night with vinyl
san diego belly up was our first good show here
but it was pretty good
good size crowd
great venue n equipment
good time guaranteed
we transcended, didnt we?
i thought so
now sitting in motel room
waiting for another intavu to come thru
im larry wankler from the bingle herald, nth dakota
i normally do the sport but the rock guys wife hadda baby
so here goes
um…tell me somethin’ about yerselves…ah,
why did yall call yerselves the church…and…ah..
tell me bout yer new record…i aint heard it yet tho…
it only arrived this morning, and i couldnt get the cd player to work
but i heard that other..
this blogge is being interrupted by my conscience
who says
tell them nevets about the 2 very eloquent n knowledgable dudes
you just talked to
who knew all about yer music…
even this blogge
tell em how ya enjoyed the interviews
and they were nothin like what ya said
ok ok
its true
america aint all badde fiendss
the best stuff is THE best
the worst stuff is THE worst
tonite anaheim
and itsa big place n we aint sold many tickets
boo hoo
why dont people wanna see washed up olde one hit wunderkinds
aussie hippy jingly jangly scruffy space rockers
i’ll never know
i love you fiendss
you are the very core of my sanity
please behave yerselves
the whole worlds watching

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