posted on September 8, 2010 at 7:19 pm

song of man

oh boy marconi union make great music

considering my self a bit of an expert in a few types of music

one time being this particular kind of ambientish electronish instrumentals

list to marconi union baby we are in the future brave and new

we shoot down autobahns in plush vehicles

we map far off constellations in our observatories

life is different in this future now

things are smoother but weirder

theres lots of pleasant hypnotic repetition

small machines tinker hum percolate or go zing bing cling

then when it seemed like sterile place the new future

as opposed to the old future

well it would be wouldnt it

but then guitars yes electric guitars appear

sometimes softly reverbed yet organic electric pianos

everything is all moving in time to the other

all the tremelos and pulses gently rhythmic synchromesh

the guitars are sometimes distorted and sustaining

but never do they dominate this sonic nu future

the other things

all those treated fucked up cut up sounds

moving through the backgrounds

flying bumping going straight through

ratchets in echo

a whine a whir a soft whack

beautiful strings overarch in electric dreems

small sounds like steam

like meters and gaskets and little clocks

all busy measuring measuring something

something important that perpetually unfolds in this future

its urbane its sophisticated as fuck

its like kraftwerk but with softness

like they were from i dunno rome or san francisco

like they were some slowed down dmt pattern

all that info being so efficiently downloaded into our neat future

all that sweet green icing flowing down

all that science maths art religion history magic philosophy

painless anxietyless but also ruthless

youre on the ship baby you cant off this thing

we all aboard as we slide down this monolith

vibes mellow and so cool

relentless though/mounting pressure

sometimes the machine itself breaks down elegantly

in perfect harmonic and in time as it cracks up

but these short moments are quickly apprehended

and the future machine kicks in again

marconi are melodic subtle huge tiny sexy neuter

marconi sound expensive

the music itself is really a cut above most future junk you’ll ever hear

rich languid

the titles say it all


endless winter


we travel


you get the picture whats going on here

we are warm in our capsule

we transmit endless europe

we gauge the distance

we are polylingual

we are rich we are in motion

angular jaguar on white track

marconi union

all sleek n futuristic

wow you gonna love this future

gonna leave that past right behind


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