posted on April 8, 2008 at 3:07 am

oh sleep dont leave me again
oh sleep i cant make it without you
oh sleep i appreciate you now
oh sleep you are everything

down to the smallest detail
within the minute glades of the tiniest worlds
at the core of everything
traversing blackspace radiosonic hypertronic
the call of sleep
sleep you handsome man
sleep you beautiful lady
sleep you children
creamy dreamy sleep
sleep so luxurious as you take me down
sleep a divine condition
swallows my sorrows
window to my pane
sleep you whitedevil sleep
drown in rumbling slumber waves of sleep
tossed and turned on sleeps restless motion
breathe deep and sleep
sleepy music
warm blue sleep
sleep of the just
sleep of the just after
sleep off the drink
sleep well my dear
sleep is a person to me
sleep appears dressed in a yawnsuit
sleep is a boy with blond hair
sleep asleep himself in my old room
sleep keeps to himself
sleeps dormitory in hushed tones
sleep babylon and nineveh
sleep little egypt
people in lemuria getting sleepy
the mayans persisting through the jungle
crystal skulls are asleep
the dormant night
the creeping shadow of evening
the wedding bed
the softest sheets
youre becoming drowsier
youre feeling heavier
the thoughts all fall to the back of your head
sleep baby bunny sleep tiny star
sleep scarlet girl with your ringlets of gold
sleep like a stone
sleep like state
sleep in and under
during and because of
better than ever
to have and to hold in sleep
catching up on some
a sleep in a stream
a sleep at the wheelbarrow
a sleep and alert
sleep together:dream alone
your becoming sleep
youre becoming wrapped in sleep
drowsier and drowsier
and you are so becoming
sleep-happy sleep-drunk
no sleep
no life
getting hard to fight sleep
sleep get behind me
sweet sleep oh sweet sleep
sleep lay down here
stay awhile

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