posted on March 9, 2009 at 9:07 pm

is there anything
worse than sleeplessness?
nothing i have ever encountered
a dear friend of mine is almost unable to sleep
despite leading an exemplary life…
when she tells me of her insomnia
my heart truly aches
and i truly sympathise
because sleep is the most delicious gift
and insomnia is the most terrible curse
after getting off a tar heroin jag
the one that saw me in exodus l.a. rehab
and led to my encounter with my sweet lord
who hastened to me
when i screamed in the total agony of sleeplessness
i got out
and i went to sweden
where i visited elli n minna then 3 or 4
i could not sleep for 3 weeks not a wink
i was hallucinating
hearing voices
and falling into the foulest pit of angry despair
i tried everything other than sleeping pills / or drugs
at night i writhed in the grip of being alone with ….me
after all day long with ourselves
we neeed to escape
we neeed to detach
we neeed to switch off
oh blessed sleep
oh divine sleep
i would not wish sleeplessness on my worst enemy
if youre sleeping well
get down on your knees and thank your god
you others
heres some advice
dont pursue sleep
dont try n wrestle sleep outta the air
dont get desperate as night falls scaring sleep away
a warm bath with mineral salts
warm cup of soy or rice or oatmilk with black strap molasses
eat peanut butter and/or bananas
read a gentle n lovely book (say kahil gibran…or something)
exercise well all day but not to become over tired
swimming works a treat to get you all nicely sleepy
fresh air but dont have a stuffy or chilly room
i believe yoga before bed is very relaxing…just the easy poses if you like
throw yer legs up the wall…that helps you sleep
relax your jaw n scalp
let the gentlest thoughts come into yer head
try n visualize something nice
like something you did as a kid
or a time when you were sleeping well in some cozy corner
consciously relax from your toes on up
stopping at each muscle to invidually make sure its relaxed
one FALLS asleep not climbs asleep
its a kinda letting go or giving in
you cant force it
dont take sleeping pills
unless for extraordinary reasons….
valerian can work
herbal teas are good
avoid energy drinks or coffee after about 2 in the afternoon
a decent orgasm can get ya to sleep …even an indecent one i guess
dont watch loud violent or noisy tv shows before bed
pray to god to send you some sleep
i hope you find some sweet sweeet sleeeeeep
please share tips or insomniac experiences on comments
viva la sleep!

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