posted on February 24, 2009 at 8:03 pm

hammer on hammer off
i can get anything i want
cmon i’ll take you there
i have a guide in here
it bounces off a deep submarine knowledge
some monster speaks
and i obey
at the bottom of the lonely sea
ideas come rushing up to meet me
because every night i drown in sleep
and i sink to the ocean floor
like you never could know
sometimes when i cant remember how to speak
or what to say
i think of anything at all
i remember the future again
or did i already say that?
here i am going rounder and faster
my angles come out on my face
my old new skin falls between the cracks
why should i care…….you couldnt buy a mind- like mine
mind mine where we dig for brains i trust
cos i dig my own mind
i got my own audience in here and they clap n whoop
n holler
i pick away at some solid mental diamond
wow its dark in my freakin’ mind
no wonder i dont come down here much
fuck my darkness is scaring me kilbey
hey dont talk to yourself steven
hey you shuttup
no YOU shuttup
i gave ya the best blogges of my life
hey both of ya shuttup!
oh no…
what is it…..
a cave-in…..
(screams of horror)
dont go talking too loud youll cause a landslide
mr jones
kilbey ! kilbey!
oh its fucking kilbey now
no i’m fucking kilbey now
oh are ya fucking yerself?
no i am my own fucking self
i am the self
the selfless self
the highest h….
oh shuttup kilbey!
(chorus of many voices : yes shuttup kilbey)
well its hard to be silent
when youre the reincarnation of dante
and i see you smirk
but if it aint me
then who the hell is it?
and you say life….?
yeah i done that plenty of times once
lone voice in the crowd : no more paradox…!
crowd take up chant : NO MORE PARADOX!
kilbey appears finally
the real kilbey
he looks like a tortured martyr in beatitude
he gazes off unfocussed
and the light fills his eyes in such a way that….
this is an illusion
the real kilbey
the one y’all fuckin’ paid for
crawls and claws his way to the top of a dream-stage
hes dressed in tight black jeans gone a bit baggy
hes wearing a priest=fuckin’ aura, baby t-shirt
hes totin’ his friggling totally bomba-lishus bass
he steppes up to the mike…
i said YAWN!
but kilbey said
yeah what did kilbey say….
well he said this
he said that
he said i hate it here
he said i like it there
he said…
look you shuttup
ok ok
go on…get yer coat off
no leave ‘im alone…its just him n me…right?
get yer fucking coat off then
no way its just him n me…right?
the coppers knock at the door
kilbey comes to the door
eve-nin ossyfah!
weve ‘ad comp-laints abaht the noyze sah!
ok ok i’ll keep it down from now on sah!
thank you and good night sah!

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