posted on August 22, 2010 at 9:57 pm

within minutes the words that blew down the street

had changed

and the intelligence that had hurled them was gone

the air they had passed through was sour

it emitted the tiniest sparks from little rainbowed glowing pinpricks

it transmitted different things on different levels

sound yes certainly

spirit was harder against the thick lucidity of the temperature

the flesh crawled a little on the other side

the will sagged flagging out like a failed safe sail

like a fire sale for wet suits

or a  burn of  aqua by some fan off their hinge

just more then a sharp intake of breath stroke i mean comma

this is anxietystic nausea

the fear of great or small things aligning in some certain way

telescoping into a compact sphere the size of man, hat on

i celebrate the hideous or the wonderful

the middle ground holds no sanctuary for me

suddenly something happens!

you turn suspiciously out the corner of an eye

blinking thinking blinking synching

there ….no…..there…, no ……there…..!

the quick brown fox

the lazy dog

the crown n the anchor

the voices suddenly human

suddenly that sound is making unmistakable english words

vivid intoxicating stream of alien poetry

something like this

in distance our machines cut  all time

we did this ….we!

to ourselves crying all besides  in night

descendants of the abyss

children of chasm

the webbed ones the ones in transition

the ugly things of nowhere recast in stardust

soon frequency eating life seeking moon milking monsoon

the cosmic epsilon the theta shake

the transcendental damn indelible stitches in space

shiva shivers slivers flake caking slicing icing sheets sleets

the cipher ends in dots………

the moon housed in haze diffused itself in pinkish haloes

the pilot gestures to the stars : its as if they know……

outside its cold enough to burn you yearning to die

ra returns in unmasked glory

the sun is slashed to a low price

the fuels we require lie deep in your world

someone says sorry for killing every last thing alive

captain intermission explodes in  vegetal bliss

straight or curved , willing or kicking

we all will arrive here he says

a guarantee of ecstasy  written in yer triple helix, felix

luna inside her bag is hanging off a bed

her bad pain is gone and for now she sleeps

sleep is like travel which is like spirit

soul is garden is flow is light

morning detonates along the planets atmos

the rush of vapour through the solace system

smashed and grabbed drugged and mugged

once there were no checks no limits no hard fast rules

gods toppled kings murdered princes killing slaves

desire snakes unslaked inspired by lewd nudity of black whole stars

our cargo in the hold old already by andromedas ellipse

our arc is brilliant as we flame on in the photonsphere

a hundred units of thrust

muscle provided by harnessing a bestial power

a dirty unreliable source of speed

inch by inch we radiate forward

pressure : unstable

altitude : irregular

velocity: in the blue

acceleration : rapid but wiry

destination : out of memory

model : lifeform

sex : freemale

gender : neuter lite

mach : X

serial # : 00000000.0

expiry date 22 8 10

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