posted on April 5, 2009 at 8:42 pm

today i visit the big heart quack
the professor with his dapper suit
doctor mc suave
who will try to determine
at 500 bucks an hour
whether my irregular heartbeat
was caused by the dehydration
or if its a thing i always have had
cos i wanna get off this medication i’m on
which is making me feel weird
a weird in a very weird way
and weirdly
even i dont have the vocabulary
to describe this feeling of….of…of…
you see…?
its hard to put your finger on it..
but anyway
i’m not feeling myself these days (oooh mr humph….etc)
maybe i can get off this amiodarone
by the way my good wife will be accompanying me
so she can get the story straight from dr rich mc suaves mouth
then later on
i’m gonna record some possible music for a tv show
(probably the philistines wont like it)
but at least i will be doing it with
the man with the best english accent in australia
mr david skeet (ex venetian ) (like timbo)
in his comfy bohemian studio up the junga
if the bloody tv dont like it
i use it for something else
finding myself carless instead of careless
(yes …no saabs…what was i thinkin’?)
the family n i took a long long walk
visiting a specialist lolly shop in rose bay
down to the water
up to a park
up new south head road
down dover road
back down old south head road
and wending our way back thru the houses and passageways
back to home home on the strange
the woofle got quite pissed off towards the end
it musta been a 5 mile walk at least
and by the end she just refused to hoof it
this led to me or nk carrying her
even tho we carried her
she continued to whimper
now whimpering can really get an olde mans goat
and the kid had my goat, i do not kid man
but luckily
right at the end
she shut up
climbed down
n got on with it
eve n aurora was so full on noisy
that i changed the side of the street to get away
from their constant yabbering and eves #&%^$ cartwheels
at the lolly shop i purchased some choc bullets (non vegan)
and some white frogs (non vegan)
and the kids got these lolly-pop rings (non-anything real)
and nk got 2 peppermint creams
and we got some tattoo gum (what flavour? ..sugar!)
with tattoos that said
dont touch!
a mobile phone speaking on a mobile phone
a gold cup with the winning checked flags
i came home n started a major overhall on my painting room
i have discovered loadsa olde notebooks
olde scrapbooks
and newspaper articles on the church
and a photo of a very young n slim me
sitting in my black loungeroom with the redcarpet in rozelle
underneath a couple of gold records
it looks groovier than it was
but the fam all cooed over it
and a pic of russell n monored looking rebellious (or something)
i wish i had a museum or something to keep this remnant
of what was once a good collection of church stuff
its the last lot
its all in a big big bag in the garage now, anyway
youd think i’d wanna look thru it all
but i’d never have the time
so there it all is….
meanwhile the room remains half done
i have lots of bits n pieces for my painting
brushes rollers pastels paint paper pencils erasers etc
and its hard keeping track of it all
so i’m trying to re arrange it all thoroughly
i have painted the very best painting ive ever done
its a big golden dragon
and everyone agrees its the best
its my dragon
it came outta my head
its basically got golden scales but with red n turquoise markings
its got the most evil reptilian eye
and its teeth are disgustingly horrible
it would be such a conversation piece in yer living room
i mean
its a nasty dragon
and the gold metallic changes as the light changes
it flashes, y’all…
i guess this’ll be up at my site soon
along with
metallic forest
the weird baby bird
the horse (eve calls it the ice-mare)
the rabbit (thats my fave says aurora the human bunny)
and a small self portrait
and a lovely one of eve as a dryad
and a strange one of a sybil or something
uh huh
thats shood do ya for now
listening to adorata by gutter twins (thanks mark!)
listening to beatles and sigur ros
listening to myself
listening to the autumn wind n feeling its wee nip
see ya later then
in spades

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