posted on January 5, 2011 at 6:11 pm

crest of a slump

P=A baby

king herod what a fucking trip

hey im such a liar

im in the ancient world here we go here we go

here we go

im crossing your alps

im almost in rome

my opium arrives in a little film cannister

it tastes like very strong black liquorice

oh i dream and dream

my six string bass

my whammy bar on the deep E

the whole temple is swooning

karins having elektra n miranda

but aurora what you doing here?

white powder white 6 white female flesh

youre shivering again after all that we been thru

my purple silk shirt i bought on holidays with donnette in thailand

she looked so weird on the beach at cosa met

god its chaos in my mind

i never wanted any of this

if i never see you again…….

my ferrari cruises through babylon

you know it does yes somehow its true

call me rabbit fighter

i alight from the platform in my usual uniform

and press yer space face close to mine love

my skin looks like i slept in it

im just a gift to the women of this world

and woman = man

and all is one

and in

distorted haze the zebras graze

with a coat of grapes on my back

loneliness is my cloak full of eagles

it was thirty years ago today

the killer taught the band to play

youre vanishing again

people round here say youre a witch

i feel anxiety in my neck

carthage is cool

the palm trees and temple whores

hey where can i change these roman coins

i spent all i had on smack n avoiding another crack (up)

down by the lush black swamps where mandrake grows

i shot my baby

oh you helpless birdlings nobody wants you

i run around im looking for you

why cant i feel it

i cant tell you but i know its mine

steve kilbey in 457 BC plays a B n a C

i trem0lo the low strings it blends in with other things

pyramids full of neros

baby call me little boots baby call me slim

the way of all flesh n blood

here i am on the edge of everytown

our destination looks kinda oh bleak

my frenzied cortina man you shoulda seen her

hub cap diamond stud smokin’ speed

in deed in fucking deed

its chaos

little piles of smouldering leaves

the ocean growing hungrier

smashes your watch with a hammer

caresses you off camera

summer in sumer was super i’m sure

gilgamesh synchromesh female flesh

i devour sacrifices whole

apollo appears firing golden arrows into the enemy

the fauna oughta equal the flora

and eve = aurora


priest = aura

(in spades!)

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