posted on June 26, 2009 at 8:05 pm

the magic bag
a run down kinda old theatre
in a nice trendy part of detroit
very pretty
for dinner i have the best thing of tour so far
a seitan vegan reuben sandwich
just like the real thing but no pain or blood involved
being a veg i had never had a reuben before in my life
but wow i was really hooked
i treated my self to a soy coffee n vegan scone for dessert
i hang around out back of gig
watching it rain
watching the lights come on n off in the carpark
feeling that summer humidity like i was in a film
because surely thats what i am in
people spot me
and i talk to em
and they share some jazz knowledge
smoke that pipe of peace and catching someones cold
we shake hands
we take pictures
we sign records
i go inside n listen to adam franklin
and bolts of melody
featuring our craigie on bass
boy americas got craigie real excited
adam franklin is a real gentleman
and the band are bloody fantastic
seriously cool guitar music with great sounds
a good match for the church
we go on
the gig is pretty packed
best gig of tour so far (FOR ME)
the strings just zing under my fingers
the words fly outta my throat
tims drums sound like a roman legion moving across a field
we are all locked in
i having the great time
during you took
a nasty man in audience is raving on at top of his voice
like a mosquito buzzing around
poor sk tries to ignore bad man in audients
but bad man just goes BLAH BLAH BLAH!
and poor sk explodes
before he knows it
threatening the bad man with rude language
all suddenly hot n bothered
the band start up again
the atmosphere is tense
the band chuck themselves into it full tilt
poor old sk transmutes his wild anger into passion
and verily the band doth lock in
re lock
and re lock
and then we cruise on
all the way out the door
swamped by a nice group
who gather for photos n autos
i sign n sign n sign
in the semi darkness cant see a damn thing
the night is warm
the people are happy
i feel pleasantly drained
i feel pleasantly vindicated
i chat to the fans
they are all very very nice
they really really do appreciate us…
how can a man be sad or angry if he is appreciated?
beachland ballroom
a bit under in tickets as is pittsburgh
so come along please
by all means

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