posted on December 24, 2008 at 10:30 pm

its a lovely day here
nothings ever perfect
but there you go
warm day
its cloudy
a day to drift
its quiet oh so quiet
i wear a flannelette shirt n shorts i cut off from longs
i am tanned n freckly
i type type type
soon will go down the beach
what else can you do on chrimbo day?
watch the paleskinburn
watch the macho ritual
watch the fake tans fake boobs n fake smiles
none of us believe we will ever have to leave
but in one years time who will be left?
i will be in the moment therefore
i will not long for christmas gone
nor some future time when my ship comes in (again)
i will paint n paint
i must paint 30 pics by march
i gotta nexxybishun in pittsburgh
art man technology
yeah…should be able to extrapolate sumthing
painkiller mk 2 is great
a perfect canvas to work on
hey i bet ricky could think up an overdub or 3
painkiller 2
do k/k 2
i dunno
go down beach
loadsa strange types
ugly little geezers with beautiful wives
english tourists wearing santa hats
queueing up for the disco
theyre gonna get sloshed n outta of their skulls
theyre gonna fry n fall in love n wake up feeling sick
theyre gonna jump about to the incessant doof doof doof
as a million twenty sumfings from europa
jam themselves into the pavilion of dreams
the sun beats down hard
the eccy comes on hard
the music is hard
you stumble into the sea youre twenty three
youre from spain or italy
youre in bondi outta your tree
you drinkin’ booze you dropped an e
the palm trees are nodding at ya
the sun xrays your soft naive skin
you have everything in a backpack in a locker
your passport
your ticket
your condoms
your money
your good shirt thats nearly clean
your postcard from your dad n sister
your directions to a hostel in the junction
an all day bus pass
someones phone number in manly
a receipt thats unreadable
the sun beats down
much stronger than at home
it beats down through the clouds regardless
it presses on your forehead like a burning iron
the sea is cold and clear
youre not used to the waves
they knock you sideways
you go down easy
the water is salty in your throat
it hurts your eyes and fills your ears
you crawl out
and eventually get back into the dance party
you french kiss some english girl
you give an irish bird a chinese burn
you talk italian n drink scotch
you have a japanese beer with a chinese chick
some hottie gives you the cold shoulder
or was she fainting
the music just pumps on n on
like a huge robotic lover
you cant tell whats happening
people yell in your ear
people crash against you
youre in….where….australia…?!
the worlds gonna end in 4 years…less than that now
its fucking christmas day
youre sunburnt even with yer olive skin
youre wearing a pair of shorts and a fcuk tshirt
your name is julio
or stefan
or jimmy
or moondog
or whatever it is
it doesnt matter any more
it never did
you see that now
nothing matters
but that sun
that music
that stranger kissing you
that sweat soaking your skin
that collective sway n push of the crowd
the beer
the e
the confusion
palm trees, clouds
out there families eating christmas dinner
people dying in hospital on xmas day
people working down mines
people blowing up rubber swimming pools
people riding scooters
people skypeing their mum
people sleeping it off
people with aching backs
people with sore throats
people with a good feeling
people listening to painkiller 2
me n ricky listen back to painkiller 2
15 minute
18 minute tracks
it rolls out n on
its like a loada stuff at once
scarlets in the bath playing with her shark set
this aint a shark she says
tossing me the hammerhead
yes it is! i say
no…this is a shark! (holding up the big great white)
yeah yeah
i got a new guitar strap n some candy
might have some right now
ha ha ha
bah humbug!

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