posted on January 11, 2006 at 8:41 pm

rainy thursday morning
everyone still asleep
last night the twillies
flew off home
sorry readers
sk feeling
dazed and confused
morning radio
gonzo hyperbolic
tasteless noisy
they highlight this
by playing danny my-nogue

(a vitriolic libellous rant has
been deleted by sks
long suffrin’ solicitor)

morning has a way
of underlining all the things
that are going wrong
night camouflages our shortcomings
sleep comes and we rest
unaware if we are kings
or slaves

the jonesin’ addict
the soberin’ alky
the unfaithful lover
the condemned man
all these
and more
fear the first rays of that olde sun
blasting into your morass
cooking your (mock) goose
frying your mind
paralyzing ya

once upon a time
i hated morning
the letters a.m.
could induce nausea
from fifty paces
11 oclock was my bottom line
if anyone called before that
i’d lie there thinking
rude bastards….sod off
i dont mind it too much
as long as i feel i have
my own place in the morning
all those “straights”
and trainee “straights”
whizzin’ off to work in their
4 weal drive behemouths
slicked down
caffeine and nicoteen
already on moby
setting up deals
takeovers, appointments
you get the picture
only deal i ever set up
at 7 in morning
was drug

dwarfed by the hustle bustle
scared of the rushing cars
chev brakes are snarling
as i stumble across the road
thought i saw you in a convenience store
writing bloggies cold and long
sitting in this window
looking at the pacifick o
grey and silver
guys with dreadlox cycle past
early morning cops amble
like bears
jap tourists alight from bus
council workers lean on shovels
surfers in wetsuits
carrying their boards on shoulders
handsome and zen
some trainee “straights” lurk at busstop
gel jel
attache cases
nicely polished shoes
go my son
get on that bus
climb that ladder
dominate your rivals
the captains of industry

old russian guys
already playing dominoes
or cards
in the little benches around the pavillion
alkies assemble in little pickernic huts
on the lawns opposite the sea
they assess their combined gross available capital
they convene a meeting to decide
what new purchases should be implemented
they choose a representative and a second
to ensure transactions success

joggers in pastels
sorry my runners
but you got a LONG way to run…
flags flap emptily
the birds arrive
the omnipresent
mynah birds
taking over
running the avian world
babes and proto babes
strut along
ipodded, suntanned
the rich euros
staying in the hotel above come out
500 bucks a night, brunhilda
and we get weather like this rubbish
hey hans
aint that stevie k from the crunch
in yonder window typing dilly gently
at his goode blogge?
yes bunhildy dear
and to think we came
all the way from frankfurt
and we hoped we’d see im
pottering round bondi
and bang!
1st morning…
ohh hans , kids
lets get a picture w/ him
nay my good wife
i hear he is a rude unapproachable
olde rockah
my cousin gert met him once
in stuttgart
and yonder sk
was pompous and sarcastick!

yes im sorry
i have been known to be rude
ive also been known to be nice too
but that knowledge has been withheld
suppressed by the “straights”
people like to think im a ratbagge
and it can seem like that
even to me…
its ok
suffer them slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune, olde bouy
in 2030 documents will be revealed
that will prove priest=aura
was the true grail
despised for its ability
to destroy illusion
the “straight” oligarchy cabals
fixed its bad review in 1992
rolling stone
thus dooming it
i gotta hold on to 2030
i gotta be vindicated
i will be re awarded
post humourously
all the emmys
that i shoulda had

keep on rocking in the three worlds


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