posted on March 3, 2009 at 8:18 pm

rehearse n rehearse
my brain tries to disentangle lyrics n bass lines
i play bass n e guitar n acc guitar
i sing one song without any instrument round my neck
we have a guest keyboardist craig
whoi is 21 n must be amused playing with these grandads
hes bloody good tho
and does his thing without much fuss
we’re doing 5 new songs off untitled 23
ricky comes in with us
its his last day in australia n hes a bit sad i guess
we pick up the david neil album
wow its gonna be a big mastering job that one
its got a bit of a boomy sound
the songs sound good tho
very happy with the songs
david neil would definitely approve
just the sounds a bit murky
ricky n i play the disc over n over at the rehearsals during the break
the others musta got sick of that, right?
we have take away thai food for din-dins
i play it safe with a double order of tofu in pee-nut sauce
i drink one mother energy drink
i have a few coffees (my new vice…ooooohhh!)
the church revisit a few old songs
they sound better than they did then
i was a head of my thyme
wouldnt you say…?
we run thru the whole set once
uh huh….i’m across it
i know all my notes chords words n whatever
clever olde mee
drive home and say goodbye to our mr ricky
how sad
will we be seeing him sooner or later
hes promised me a little plot of land i can retire to
in no-cal
amongst the redwoods n the purple heads
my own little shed
i’ll paint till my 99th birthday
each morning ricky will bring me my healthy brekky
n a little bunch of native flowers
we will sit in the stillness of that future morning
listening to some droning future music
and i’ll notice my death has turned up for me
looking just like jessica lange in all that jazz
smiling n beckoning me to follow
i’ll waltz outta the door
suddenly young again
suddenly all spritely like i was at …uh ..54
and i just disappear into the lovely ether

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