posted on May 28, 2011 at 4:14 pm

st stevens temptation and redemption (modified to fit screen)

the revolution will be televised

it will have its own facebook page

it will have six hundred and sixty six friends

see ragnarok gives you a poke lol

i’m worried about my figure

i’m worried about my figures

i’m worried about all of the tentacles

pulling all of my triggers

born out of time i was hatched from an egg

i was found in a pit i was summoned from stone

i was drawn in my quarters and hanging about

i was concocted by chance in a primal whirlpool

sawn in half by magical love i climbed in the box

over and over

i filmed myself with these thoughts of rare sloth

i invented myself with glee and with rage

in a flash i was putting my mansuit on

i took a guitar down from the shelf

i strummed a chord and i bummed a smoke

i made a joke about the weather that seemed to go on forever

i stumbled upon a few good ideas

that were floating about in the ether above

a complex experiment unearthly desire

some fucking creature from an other dimension

had rewired my pineal and rejigged my thought

i suddenly became a vegetarian

i was programmed to do it

the creatures hate meat

they must be farming me for my sweet dna

i bet andromeda could use a few poets

i bet the galaxies beyond all our ken

gotta shortage of renaissance men

somebody else in an other room

asks tell me how did you write all this stuff?

even as i begin to answer my head is wired up that way

i am an antenna for all dead thoughts

i am an ariel picking up prospero

i am a throwback to another day

a day on the beach in soft soft sunlight

your mother and father kiss in the car

the photo has faded the morning has gone

the relic of yesterday the ruin of man

the sun begins sinking the sea starts to drown

a carpet of flowers leads to the night

you hire a machine that guides your disguises

i rent a module that modifies my masks

i enter my signature inside the box

but my name is forgotten on some misplaced list

its been left in a place that no one can get to

oh it hurts to have been treated like this

oh my poor head aches in the light of day

oh its easy to lie in the sun for a spell

forgiving myself for every last sin

i feel a bit dizzy i feel a bit sick

thats normal for me

so what else is new?



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