posted on April 4, 2008 at 8:23 pm

guiding me
guarding me
slowly assuming a form
coincidences cluster around events
i pierce the veneer of everyday
its all they see
never now
never here
irritants become pearls
morning becomes tonight
who is merging into another morning
flowers open n close
cities wither or flourish
countries go up to the top of the heap
go egypt
go babylon
go persia
go greece
go rome
go england
go usa
go utopia
its never long enough
the contenders fall wearily away
the top dog gets sick of getting bitten
the puppies dont ever learn
the revolution is inside
cultivate satisfaction
rise early
sleep deep
move like a cat
eat like a bird
talk like a man
open like a child
find the in
be prepared for no results
dont even know what it is yet
hour after hour after hour
turn the corner
take the high road
journeying alone
chapel perilous etc
new improved you no one notices
matter falls away
spirit adheres
life into life
obvious and upfront
all around invisibly
music for example
why create it at all
if i had the answer
any answer
is a mistake to look for an answer
nature has no answer
the beasts come and go
do animals have souls
do souls go round and round
do hells exist in our heads
i keep fighting for the revolution in my heart
we gain an inch
we lose an inch
the old ways roots go deep
its a struggle like being born
every thing you got to fight for
movement speech individuality
each day a battle
grace or disgrace
mercy or scorn
good or evil
look up the game and players changed again
its seeming like a dream to me
whose dream though
who dreams of me and my life
god is this
god is that
god is great
but we hardly ever see him round here
philosophy science evolution
yeah yeah yeah
new haircuts long short medium
actors and actresses
children want their turn
whats for tea, darling
im off then

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