posted on August 10, 2012 at 8:25 pm

just another angel

jesus christ was an explosion of love

and 2000 years later the world is still filled with the fallout from that event

my daughter scarlet is head over heels in love with jesus

tho she had NO prompting from anyone here

there was a shrine to mary mother of god in coogee

we walked past it and we stopped to talk about what it all meant

i talked mainly to the older 2 girls

scarlet was only 3 at the time

yet as we walked away she began to cry

why scarlet are you crying? we said

i miss jesus already so much she blurted out…

but where did this come from…?

it doesnt matter to me who jesus was or wasnt….

i dont fetishise his death

nor do i examine his resurrection for veracity

i just read the bits in the bible about him and get some guidance

whether or not he actually existed…his ideal exists…

it is typical of us humans to get all hot under the collar about “authenticity”

when its the actually sublime beauty

and the revolutionary manner of the parables

and the way he deals with the characters he encounters

man you could take a leaf out of this guys book

you dont have to worship him

just listen to a bit of that nice advice

the line below here will be left blank for all those who want to

put in something nasty he said amongst all the nice stuff


and he did didnt he i suppose…?

but remember he was a human being

hes just like perseus or hercules or siegfried

hes half mortal half god so the story goes

you can take it or leave it on any level you like

i look back on my own 32 year history in rock

and i read that book by bob lurie

and i realise how myths and rumours and legends and conjecture

and all this stuff inseparable around everything

the way all these different people see me and interpret stuff

and nobody NOT EVEN ME really got the full story ‘cept god i guess

anyway so i just think of jesus and the similarities to frodo baggins in LOTR

like someone in an incredible story who is doing something huge

who at the same time is humble and prepared for sacrifice

attended by only one dear disciple

and hounded by his own rotten judas

carrying this huge weight

this sorrow

this burden he has taken on whether people know of it or not

the fragile balance between good and evil

sauron as a thinly devised satan

but where is the jehovah of middle earth?

ah i have no truck with jehovah anyway

i dont like him or the big bang

both too bloody bombastic and violent and random

good god this earth was created by an artist

no blustering punishing tyrant

no accident ignition of random gases n stuff

this world if you but observe it for one second

if your eyes have ever been opened

if you ever stop to look at it as it really is

very few atheist artists ,my friends

very few atheist musicians

very few atheist geniuses neither

i dont know what to believe in people it doesnt matter

if jesus appeals to you dont feel guilty

if you prefer apollo or diana the goddess of hunting

do them service then

god does not fucking care how you approach him

he is a bit beyond that kinda bullshit you would imagine

the guy who invented the humming bird  doesnt care what you name him

hes not hung up on all that baloney and malarkey

not the cat that causes the planets to hang unsuspended in space

he that sets everything in motion

that maintains it and protects it

and he that destroys everything when that things time has come

he is no prissy quibbling grumpy patriach in the sky

he is immanent in everything

he spins creation out of himself somehow

oh as an artist i regard his handiwork with jealousy

as a musician i seek to emulate or invoke his presence

as a father i hope to incorporate his mercy and love

as a performer i try to channel his energy

my god whoever he is says names dont matter

he says jesus was me he says lennon was me

he says mozart was me he says leonardo was me

he says bolan was me he says angela carter was me

he says houdini was me and yer dad was me

and george harrison was especially me

and he says kilbey you were me too

but he says

you know everybody was me and i was everybody

i play my part so well i forget who i am

like a child lost in a game

i imagine wealth i imagine fame

i imagine death i imagine pain

dont ask me why god allows this and that

how the hell would i know

does someone with an ant farm allow the ants to do whatever they like?

how does jesus fit in to all this?

i’m not certain

i’m not certain about anything except this did not get here on its own

you may have intellectualised god out of the equation

but the blinding evidence of creation insists on a creator

hes all and nothing

he is life and the force which animates living things

without it you have nothing

life is magic

yoga and magic

and music to describe it all

thats all



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