posted on December 12, 2007 at 4:47 am

ruthless nature
push push push
inside where i cant stand it
stoop so low
cavernous sonic halls
fluid and liquid
transmitting impulses
a cluster of events close enough
the grid lights up
machinery moves into place
receptors alert for incoming materials
soft where
hard wear
software softly singing
hardware hardly hearing
i am the result
my hands fly about me
i am fortunas agent
changing all the time being
my voice carries now overfield and plane
my voice bearing the words you must hear
it comes from my throat
it enters a current
it fills up the space in your head
im knocking some sense into you
im sliding down downy hills
i dont hesitate to use my mojo on you
you call that ooomph?!
ooomph is what i say it is
ooomph is on and on and on
what ya heard about me is wright
a work in progress
before your living eyes
i am not me
not who i was
who i will be
i cut all ties
i scorn your reprimands
i am above and below your vision
reproach yourself for what you find lacking in me
i am innocent
i am free
i am just warming up
i am not entangled in anybodys miasma of superstition
i paint
i write
i play
i love my own dear ones
a man at last
not everything

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