posted on June 5, 2007 at 9:35 pm

oh killer
working on yer solo album
oh boy its sounding good good good
oh you cant predicked it
timmy boy co producing
timmy boy oh what a wilde card
i turn up yessaday
timmy boy says listen being
oh timmy
man this one is really good
timmy says yeah i sprinkled on a bitta fairy dust
a bitta mellotron
and i blah blah blahed the binklebanks
oh wow
boy this is sounding so o goode
no you wont be guessing how this baby be sounding
master william of radiotronics
hes bubbling and hissing and perc-u-lating
random voices rise n fall in the swampy sounds
nothing like anything else
very excited
no more time
will be working more today
will take a while to finish this mess
very happy
you gunna like it
im shore

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