posted on October 2, 2006 at 8:42 pm

another cloudy morning
ipod on shuffle
cat power half of you
yeah its ok
kinda desolate
uh oh
coldplay white shadows
can i write blogs to this kinda stuff
maybe i gotta get back to oophoi
or eno
or something gentle n undulatin’
sorry chris, you wont feel a thing!
ah thats better
peter baumann romance 76
i dont like other words intruding on my words
i love to paint to songs
but i need to write to instrumental music
unless its in another language…
that works for me
scarlet bumper wakes up early
so i got up n meditated
with her sitting in my lap
crosslegged on the sofa
she immediately goes back into a deep dreamless sleep
works every time
eve n aurora arrive at the table almost immediately
they start asking questions
i say auroras a “piker” if she wont come to the pool
with me n evie
then i have to explain what “piking out” means
i sound like some olde cs lewis codger
explaining the slang phrases of 40 years ago
do people still say “piker”?
theyre both sitting at kitchy table now
looking at me expectantly
like a pair of small puppies watching you eat
what do they actally want i ask them
they dont know
they just want to vaguely hassle someone…
ive sliced my right index finger on a razor
and its ahurting me to type
oh boy i hope its better before our next gig in eumundi
its my main plucking finger….!
its gonna be a real mess if it aint healed by then
as some loathesome greasy manager once said
the show must go on
and i’ll have to pluck more with middle finger
or use a plectrum
whatever, pray for my finger, my fingerlings
so that i may rock once again
due to xtreem racquet the band is generating at moment
i am wearing in ear monitoring
which is those things jammed in my whole ear
flesh coloured torture instruments
to block out le rackette
to give me feed of all instruments
unfortunately its hard to be chatty with them on
your voice coming back in reverb like the voice of god
filling up yer head with yerself
the audience aurally recede to whispers milesaway
its hard to be “natural”
just when i wazza getting my showbiz spiel together
long overdue too, it was
gee am i imagining it
or are australian audiences more hesitant n reticent
than the u.s. n europa?
whats wrong with ya?
are we actually scaring em into a frightened gawk?
they hang about
not that excited to see one of the best space opera bands ever?
whats wrong with em?
by now
the baby is on my lap
shes woken up n she wants my lap
and nowhere else will do
its flattering and annoying!
everytime i leave the house for a while
she gets upset
she sits on my lap
gently wriggling
softly saying dad dad
it sounds very cozy
but what with my sliced finger
and big fat baby in ye olde lap
every letter becomes excruciating
such is my love for you, devoted reader
my imaginary companion
you who exist on a screen somewhere
a shadow , a flicker
aurora colours in
eves playing a complicated game
with a load of little animals
baby bumper slings her foot up on the table, imperiously
she sighs, a little bored quite frankly
but shes content too
shes like a little beast in some ways
and a little angel in lotsa others
oh dad
dont worry
i aint about to get all fucking sentymentle on ya
kids are kids are kids
like the dawn , n the trees n the wind
there will always be kids
i have a lot of kid left in me still
the little bugger refuses to vacate
and let olde mr avuncular wisdom move in
the kids are alright, i guess
someone hadda raise me
now its my turn
i guess im lucky none of my ones
are as obnoxious n precocious as i was
tho each can be shockingly naughty on occaisions
i was like having dr zachary smith join yer family
smart arse comments, mutinies, disappearances
setting things on fire,general ratbaggery
bullying small cousins etc
i couldnt stand myself
but i couldnt help myself either
i was the sorta kid that i would detest now if i met ‘im
i have only very very recently become even vaguely nice
and if they hadda had bloggs way back when
you woulda seen a different manne…..
actually its very nice to give the bumper a cuddle
shes warm n smells of vanilla
she digs kraut rock too
baumanns sequencers keep her jigging about
although shes also trying to kick my lapptopp
she wants to do some typing with her heel!
nice one bumper
now i have to constrain the foot w/ left hand
i leave ya there
e n a furiously colouring in
bumpr riggling on my lap
soft grey clouds
bridge n tower obscured
romance 76 going in the corner
flowers in vases
ganeshas n photographs
fridge magnets

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