posted on May 15, 2009 at 6:24 am

somewhere different
somewhat elusive
somewhere distant
somewhat intrusive
some other place
i come from
i come from some other place
looped around each other
the universes jostle
pure space
pure conjecture
pure magic
pure dirt
refractions of your life
the way things used to be

all acceleration is off
nothing is any easier here
i bubble thru walls
i ooze under fissures
i penetrate the Mechanism
i move in an adjacent square
thats here
dont you see
i am you
you are me
scientific research all leads to no thing
emptiness at the heart of everything
everything contained in nothing in no thing
everything in moderation
everything in the past
my house with its library in nineveh
my daughters eyes in the city now under the waves
my wives from lyonesse
my twin sister from arkadia
time burns up as it enters my mind
words form on the blisters that come
snakes writhe in my garden
gold slips from my eight hands
i am a monster
i am a soldier
i am a user (yawn)
i am different
i spurn the useless
i greedily heat seeker deluxe
i warper mis-shaper
i black fire drowner dolphin eye
i am the strange one and you know it
the wriggler out of time
and time again
we converse in abstract terms
people here seem so latitudinal
the natives call it today
but we move away
people call me the killer
but they know not the truth
i knock on their doors and my 24 hour deliverance
i have suffered to be here so i thought i may as well bring you this
the tattered cosmic gossip i gleaned from my slow descent
through a thousand miles
of star-burn branded on the hide of the night
the ride of the night
the marsh of time
where i thrash
i am weakened by myself
i am nourished by the suns light
which living vegetal souls transmute into sweet chlorophyll
i am a photosynthesizer
i on close to purest light
i put it all together
i am not from here at all
not from anywhere around here
theres been a mistake
somewhere i begin to panic
theres been a mistake
cant you be more specific ?says the ambulance somnambulist
i start to fill in the questionaire
blood group ……red
sex……not now
history of mental illness….yes and geography of it too
do you have low water pressure? only when i come down in a shower
do you have any following? in some parts of that other world
have you ever discovered you were in a continent? no
can you remember yesterday? ask me tomorrow
can you still roll a double six six 6 ?
do you like to get a little ^ ?
how many * s did you get?
how many #23s have you got in the can of worms?
god moves in mysterious whales
yes there is a god of all the multi and universes
one one one
a one god is many
one total superstar
who replicated his self
dreaming dreaming dreaming
shaping shaping shaping
warping warping warping
singing singing singing
i spellman
i gaze
i haze
i phase
i pure flange
i am you
feel it now
spirit come and feel me now
spirit come and fill me now
spirit come and take me now
i am ecstatic in the burnt spurted crystals of life
in the beginning i swam in a race with millions
all those possibilties
i outswam the fucking lot and i penetrated the Destination
and i left them outside
to thrash and die
invisible electric tiny little male lamia
screaming to get in the cocoon with me
i watched them through my membrane
as i burroughed in
as i watched myself develop into this angelic monster
as i crashed my mother victims womb
as i came to some dark fruition here in your far flung world
i realized who i was
but i hid under the cloak of personality
and i crucified myself where i didnt fit
and i scalded myself where i didnt belong
and i branded my self where i had no business
still in an embryonic stage
they asked me
what will you want to be when you grow up
i want to be a child i said when i grow up
they flew me off to a tribunal
i cowered before the intergalactic bigshots
but they sprinkled stardust up my nostrils
and golden moonlight in my eyes of grey
but i exaggerate
there were only 2 angels not 3
i have only lived for forever
time fades away
it wears a hole in my soul
i lose altitude
but still much much much higher
than i was before

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